American Shorthair adult in black and white

American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are relaxed, laid-back cats, although do still exhibit burst of playful energy, even in their older years.

About the American Shorthair

Playful, with a sweet, open expression and short, lustrous coat, the American Shorthair cat reflects the feline look of their hunting ancestors. American Shorthairs are a good-natured, easy-going cat. They’re very popular with families because of their playful nature and tolerance of children.

In general, they are intelligent and quite interested in everything around them. They enjoy the company of people, but retain their independence. This breed is known for its longevity, robust health, friendly personality and patience with dogs and other pets.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from World Cat Congress (WCC)

Breed specifics

United States
Short coat
Size category
Avg life expectancy
15–20 years

Calm / Sociable / Quiet / Intelligent / Independent / Playful

Key facts

  • Requires lots of space
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor life
  • Needs little grooming

American Shorthair's life story

Find out how to care for the American Shorthair in each stage of their life.

Up to 12 months

American Shorthair kitten

American Shorthair kittens are independent but sociable, and will prefer to follow their owner rather than be carried. They may not be lap cats, but their affectionate personality means they enjoy attention and will sit with their owners wherever they are.

These intelligent little kittens are very sociable and like to be involved in everything around them. The American Shorthair’s adaptable nature means that these kittens will be able to settle into any home, enjoying the company of children and other pets.

Care must be taken around smaller family pets as the American Shorthair kitten has a strong hunting instinct. This breed’s energetic nature means they enjoy lots of games and time playing with toys.

From 12 months

American Shorthair adult

The adult American Shorthair is strongly built and well balanced, characterising the power and agility of the working cat.

American Shorthairs are active cats, and thrive when they have plenty of space to move about. After the appropriate vaccinations, adult American Shorthairs should be allowed outdoor access to ensure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

5 kg - 7 kg 800 g Weight
3 kg 700 g - 6 kg 500 g Weight
American Shorthair adult standing up

American Shorthair health and ageing

American Shorthairs are known for their longer than average life expectancy, and their playful energy lasts into old age. That being said, their health and nutritional needs will change as they grow older. It is a good idea to arrange regular check-ups with a vet at this stage, as they will be able to advise on any nutritional changes or health problems that ageing may bring.

American Shorthair cats are prone to obesity, and without the appropriate exercise or diet they will quickly gain weight. If your American Shorthair appears to be gaining weight, their diet should be amended to counter this and ensure they stay healthy and in good shape. If you are unsure, it is best to consult a vet.

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