Welsh Corgi Cardigan

These energetic and sturdy little dogs were bred as cattle dogs, driving the herd by day and guarding them by night.
Welsh Corgi Cardigan adult black and white

About the Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Corgi Cardigans are lively, active and intelligent little dogs with a steady temperament. Their easy-going nature makes them an ideal companion or family dog.

However, their working dog origins mean they require more exercise and stimulation than you’d expect from a dog of this size, and fare better when they have regular access to outdoor spaces.

Fuente: hechos y características clave obtenidos de la Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Rasgos específicos de la raza

Grooming, training and exercise tips

País: Reino Unido
Categoría de tamaño: Mediano
Esperanza de vida promedio: 12-15 años
Amoroso / Animado / Alerta / Amistoso / Resistente / Inteligente / Leal / Sociable

Hechos clave

Disfruta el entrenamiento
Paciente con los niños y otros animales
Gran compañero

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