4-8 weeks


As their eyes begin to open and first steps are taken, puppies begin to explore their new world.


Puppies should now have begun to pass urine and faeces without their mother's help. If this development doesn’t happen by the end of this stage, a trip to the vet is advised.


During the weaning period, the mother still provides for all of the puppies' nutritional needs. The vast majority of food is taken through milk, however, some puppies may begin to eat solid food regurgitated by their mother. Most will now be able to lap water from a bowl.


First steps are taken and puppies begin to play fight with their siblings, and may even begin to practice growling and tail-wagging as social interaction begins.


Their eyes and ears are now working to some degree and puppies begin to react to light and sound.


A puppy's mental and physical development is aided by a complex environment. A responsible breeder will provide puppies with an increasing amount of human interaction, a range of toys, noise and other stimuli as this stage progresses.

Tailored nutrition for your puppy

A range of formulas that help build their natural defences, support healthy growth and digestive system development.

Birth-4 weeks


The first days of life. Puppies stay close to their mother, and most of their time is spent sleeping and feeding.

8 week +


Puppies begin to learn to live with others. Behaviours learned in this phase will have a huge impact on a puppy’s life.