High palatable

With pieces of food in gravy (Chunk in Gravy)

Hairball control

Formulated to help eliminate swallowed hair by stimulating intestinal transit.

Healthy digestive system

High digestibility.

Ideal weight maintenance

Helps maintain ideal weight.

עבודה לקראת עתיד בר-קיימא

‏‎‎‏אנחנו מאמינים שחיות מחמד הופכות את העולם שלנו לטוב יותר, הן מספקות לנו השראה ומטרה לחיינו. התפקיד שלנו לספק עולם טוב יותר לחיות המחמד ™A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.‏‎‎‏

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תוספי תזונה מוספים (לק"ג): ויטמין 3D – 150 יחב"ל, 1E (ברזל) – 2 מ"ג, 2E (יוד) – 0.3  מ"ג, 4E (נחושת) – 2.3 מ"ג, 5E (מנגן) – 0.6 מ"ג, 6E (אבץ) – 6 מ"ג.
ערכים תזונתיים:  חלבון 7%, שומן 2.7%, לחות 82%, אפר גולמי 1.6%, סיבים גולמיים 1%  אנרגיה מטבולית: 763 קק"ל/ק"ג
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318022202 1/22653
42202 1/22703 1/43253 3/4
525533203 3/43854 1/2
62903 1/23654 1/44355
73253 3/44054 3/44855 3/4
83554 1/44455 1/45356 1/4
93904 1/24855 3/45806 3/4
10420552066257 1/4

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חוות דעת של לקוחות

11 מרץ 2021

My cat’s favorite

I have a medium hair cat who is quite picky and she LOVES hairball morsels and gravy! I have tried other brands and she will vomit immediately after tasting it (yes, she’s that dramatic). I’ve tried other varieties of Royal Canin and she will eat it for a couple days but that’s it. Between the hairball control canned food and brushing her regularly, she has very few hair balls which is great.
Tracy and Almond
09 מאי 2020

It stopped the puking!!!!

My purebred Siberian cat was throwing up all of his food after every meal. My 14 pound cat lost a full pound in a week and we didn’t realize that Almond was basically starving! He was shaky and weak. I bought the Royal Canin wet hairball formula and not only did he immediately stop throwing up but he begs for his food now! Almond hasn’t thrown up since! Took him to the vet and the vet and the doctor said it was hairballs and to keep using Royal Canin Hairball. You bet we will it cured my boy!
28 אוק 2019

Very effective

Bought it after my cat suffered for a few instances of hairball logged in his belly. He seemed to not only love it but his bowl movements have been really regular since. Would definitely buy it again.
02 אוק 2018

Really works

I had decided to give this a try because my cat would cough up hairballs like a couple times a week. But I noticed it became lesser and lesser the longer I had her on this food. So now I recommend this to everyone I know with a cat.
Mr Macs Servant
17 מאי 2018

My rescue cat is toothless so I brush him each night because he is unable to do a really good job. He still swallows a lot of hair that tries to travel through his colon -unsuccessfully. He gets enimas several times a year. On advice of my vet I feed him Royal Canin Hairball cat food. Mr. Mac likes the taste of this nutritional food & it works as a stool softener for him which is a perfect outcome for all of us!
Blue Diamond
27 מאי 2017


We used this every morning for 2 months with one of our cats .calico "Molly" she never had an hairball problem the whole time. I was impressed. Passed the info on to our vet...left him the label to share with other clients. We use various Royal Canin products for our cats. Good Food..