American Bobtail

American Bobtails are playful, intelligent cats who can be taught to play fetch, hide and seek, and many other games.
American bobtail adult black and white

About the American Bobtail

American Bobtails are loving and incredibly intelligent cats. They are extremely interactive and bond with their human family with great devotion. They will often initiate games with their owners, and they demonstrate their hunting instincts in the home, by catching flying insects mid-air.

A mostly quiet cat, the American Bobtail is known to trill, chirp and click when delighted. This easy-going breed gets along with most dogs and welcomes newcomers.

Fuente: hechos y características clave obtenidos del World Cat Congress (WCC)

Rasgos específicos de la raza

País: Estados Unidos
Pelaje: Pelaje corto
Categoría de tamaño: Grande
Esperanza de vida promedio: 13-15 años
Sociable / Tranquilo / Amoroso / Inteligente / Amistoso / Juguetón

Hechos clave

Necesita aseo moderado
El más adecuado para la vida interior
Paciente con los niños y otros animales

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