Dog Nutrition for Small Purebreds

At Royal Canin, we know that every dog is unique.  In fact, dogs have the widest range of body size of any mammal!  This difference is apparent just looking at them, but did you know the differences go beyond their body size?

Small dogs are packed with BIG personality, but they can have different needs from their large dog companions. Besides having a smaller jaw requiring an adapted small kibble, they also have distinct small dog needs that require adapted nutritional support.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition incorporates tailored nutrition to support breed predispositions, all packed in a kibble that's adapted to the breed's jaw shape, size and eating behaviours. 

French Bulldog Nutrition

French Bulldogs are known to eat food quickly due to their brachycephalic jaws, so they benefit from a kibble that encourages them to chew for longer. Choosing the right kibble for your French Bulldog can help maintain healthy skin, muscle mass and reduce odour.

Chihuahua Nutrition

Chihuahuas naturally have very small jaws due to the overall size of the dog. Therefore, our kibble is specially designed for their miniature jaw so it’s easy for them to pick up and chew.

Poodle Nutrition

Poodles are recognized for their distinctive appearance and unique coat. Therefore, they need a kibble that will provide the right nutrients to keep their coat full and healthy.

Yorkshire Terrier Nutrition

Yorkshire Terriers are well known for their distinctive appearance and coat so they need a kibble that will focus on coat health as well as other well-known issues such as dental health and fussy appetites.

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