Puppy house training

Most puppies aren’t house trained when you first bring them home. While you’ll need plenty of patience, this is a great chance to develop the bond you have with your pet.
Hungarian Vizsla puppy outdoors sniffing grass

1. Repetition

Doing things at the same time everyday, from feeding and walking to sleeping, helps your puppy get into a regular routine

2. Control

Keeping your puppy on the lead when you take them to the toilet means they don’t wander off and use places free of distractions

3. Consistency

Using the same simple command like "be quick" or "Toilet" just before the puppy urinates that acts as a recognisable trigger for your puppy

4. Reward

Praising your puppy when they go with a treat or praise to let them know that you approve

Expert tips for house training

Here are five tips to get your puppy started:


Stay in one or two rooms

Confine your puppy to one or two rooms in the house, where the family spends the most time, so you can keep an eye on them.

English Cocker Spaniel puppy sitting down indoors

Spend time in sleeping area

If you can’t supervise them, encourage them to stay in their sleeping 'box' or crate. Puppies are less likely to soil their sleeping areas.

Beagle puppy sleeping on a soft blanket

Regular feeding times

Feed your puppy at regular times, so they get used to the same routine.

Jack Russell Terrier puppy eating from a stainless steel feeding bowl

Go outside frequently

Take your puppy out frequently during the day, after meals and and naps. And take them to the same place each time, so they recognise their own scent.

Puppy in a garden sniffing the ground

Sniffing the floor

If you find your puppy turning around and sniffing the floor indoors, these are signs they may need to go.

Beagle puppy indoors sniffing a wooden floor
Jack Russell Terrier puppy sitting indoors on a puppy house training pad

What to do when accidents happen

If an accident happens, don’t punish your puppy – they’re still learning what to do. Puppies have smaller bladders than older dogs, so they will need to urinate more often than adult dogs. Simply disinfect the spot with a non-ammonia-based product and remove the smell with a pet odour neutraliser.

Dachshund puppies playing in black and white

Training your puppy

Training is an important part in socialising your puppy. The better trained your puppy is, the healthier and happier it will be.