Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds have a quiet, sociable character, and while they are prone to sleeping for long periods of the day, they also enjoy playing with their owners.
Scottish Fold

About the Scottish fold

Scottish Folds are intelligent, inquisitive and loyal to their family. They are not overly vocal, and when they do speak up, have tiny voices.

This breed gets along well with children and, once properly introduced, other family pets as well.

Fuente: hechos y características clave obtenidos del World Cat Congress (WCC)

Rasgos específicos de la raza

Pelaje: Pelo medio
Categoría de tamaño: Mediano
Esperanza de vida promedio: 12-15 años
Inteligente / Leal / Amistoso

Hechos clave

Necesita mucho aseo
Adecuado para la vida interior y exterior
Paciente con los niños y otros animales

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