Royal Canin's Nutritional Philosophy

Royal Canin has been at the forefront of science-led nutrition since the very first day. Our approach to pet nutrition has always been based on scientific facts and is constantly fed by research from nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists from across the world. Our nutritional philosophy, nurtured with science and observation since our creation, is rooted in three main principles; the needs of cats and dogs first, nutritional precision, and constant innovation.

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Needs of cats and dogs first

A dog is not a person, and a cat is not a small dog. The basic physiological differences between humans, cats and dogs call for specific nutritional requirements. At Royal Canin, we strive to understand even the smallest of nutritional differences between each species and in doing so, help ensure that our diets support their unique needs.

This means that new products are researched and developed, not through trends in human nutrition or the preference of pet owners, but utilising science and observation to produce a precise combination of nutrients vital to each cat or dog's health. Putting the real needs of the animals first helps ensure that we have a clear focus to guide our research and underpin the nutritional mission of all our foods.

Applying our in-depth knowledge of nutrients to the specific requirements of cats and dogs enables us to deliver a tailored solution. By focusing single-mindedly on helping cats and dogs have healthy lives, we give you the best reason possible to choose our nutritional diets.

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Taste buds: 475

Daily energy intake: 200 - 300 kcal/day

Food intake time: Multiple small meals

Diet: Carnivorous

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Taste buds: 1,700

Daily energy intake: 130 - 3,500 kcal/day

Food intake time: 1 - 5 minutes

Diet: Semi-carnivorous

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Taste buds: 9,000

Daily energy intake: 1,800 - 2,500 kcal/day

Food intake time: 30 - 60 minutes

Diet: Omnivorous

Nutritional precision

ROYAL CANIN®’s products are the result of years of careful research focused on the precise nutritional needs of cats and dogs. Unlike many of our competitors who take an ingredients-led approach, we are committed to a detailed, nutrient-led philosophy.

In a nutrient-focused approach, the specific nutritional needs of cats and dogs are evaluated first, and an optimal diet profile is based on the needs that have been established. These needs are determined by the species of the pet, but also their breed, lifestyle, age and health condition or sensitivities. From here, high quality, highly digestible ingredients are selected which can be combined to match the specific nutritional profiles.

To make sure our nutritional formulas are precisely tailored to real-world needs, we partner with pet experts - veterinarians, breeders, professional groups and organisations. This has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of individual breeds, varied life stages and lifestyles, as well as the consideration of many medical conditions.

Constant innovation

Royal Canin is part of an ever-evolving industry, with various feeding trends becoming increasingly popular. To avoid misinformation or chasing trends, and to ensure we are making decisions in the best interest of pets, we put research and innovation at the heart of everything we do. The more we understand, the better placed we are to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs.

From the conception of Royal Canin in 1968, observation and innovation have led to the development of over 200 unique products, tailored to the needs of cats and dogs. But we won't stop there. We never take learning for granted and maintain ongoing dialogues with scientific experts, pet professionals and owners to inform our developments.

By increasing our knowledge and sharing it with our partners, we create credibility and trust, allowing us to add value to all of their interactions with pets, and ensuring there is always a direct link to the known needs of animals.

Furthermore, at Royal Canin our research, insights and partnerships allow us to expand our nutritional solutions. In our quest to offer increasingly precise formulas, we constantly test and review adaptations to the shape, texture, palatability and digestibility of products and ensure its safety at every step.

Royal Canin Soupe Jaune product packshot

Soupe Jaune (1968)

The product that started it all, the famous 'yellow soup' was developed by Royal Canin founder Dr Jean Cathary experimenting with different combinations of toast, crushed rusks and meat scraps that he cooked and dried.

In his initial testing, dogs fed with the new food were perkier, their coats began to shine again and eczema cleared up without the use of medicine.

Dr Cathary began to think long and hard about ways to produce pet food which would be of the right nutritional value and practical to use, and the rest was history.

Royal Canin AGR product packshot

AGR (1980)

The first specific food made specifically for large breed puppies. This product would remain unique to Royal Canin for over 17 years.

Royal Canin Persian product packshot

Persian 30 (1999)

In 1999, in response to breeder observations and feedback and our own research, we launched PERSIAN 30.

This product was the world’s first nutritional solution developed to meet the specific health needs of the Persian cat as well as addressing their unique eating difficulties due to their physical features and short skull, common in brachycephalic breeds.

Royal Canin Anallergenic product packshot

Anallergenic (2011)

The launch of our ANALLERGENIC product took 10 years of research, observation and development. The result was a product specially formulated for the veterinary management of even the most severe cases of food sensitivities.

It also represents one more example of the investment we make in delivering our promise to help transform the health and lives of cats and dogs year after year.

Royal Canin ICU product packshot

ICU Liquid Diets (2016)

A full range of liquid diets for critically ill pets was launched to better meet the nutritional needs of hospitalised cats and dogs. In addition to launching different liquid products for different nutritional needs, the bottle of this product included an innovative cap which helps make it easier for hospital staff to feed patients.

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ROYAL CANIN®’s products are the result of years of careful research focused on the precise nutritional needs of cats and dogs. Each formula has been created to deliver nutrition tailored to your pet’s health needs whatever their breed, age or lifestyle. Browse the full range of Royal Canin products.

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Nutrients explained

By understanding nutrients and their benefits, you can make informed decisions about your pet's diet. Royal Canin have spent countless hours researching the nutritional needs of cats and dogs. As such, each of our tailored diets includes at least 50 individual nutrients, adapted to a pet's unique needs. Find out more about individual nutrients and their benefits for cats and dogs.

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Tailored nutrition for unique needs

We put our scientific knowledge at the service of the health and wellbeing of pets. Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, Royal Canin has always been an expert in animal health nutrition. We place cats and dogs at the heart of each step of the innovation process to develop the most precise nutritional solutions. See how we tailor our unique diets to each pet's needs.

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