Cats are impossible to read? A guide for 6 popular cat breeds

different breeds of cats
Do you ever wonder what your cats are thinking?

Talking about cats, most people will think they are willful, independent and mysterious. In fact, every single cat is unique as their preferences and interests differ. Cats of different breeds are probably even more discrepant. 

Therefore if you want to understand your cats, try to learn more about their breeds first. Then you can offer suitable companionship and care to your furry babies based on their nature and preferences. In this article, we are going to introduce 6 popular cat breeds and their special personalities, tempers and care tips!


Persians are one of the most popular long-haired cat breeds in the world. Despite their elegant appearance, they are friendly and socially active. They are also quiet and gentle and can get along with kids and other pets in the house. In addition, Persians are independent and enjoy solitude. They won’t act naughty to gain attention from their owners. Compared to other breeds, Persians are not quite curious and active, which takes more time for their owners to play with them, so as to increase their physical activity.

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British Shorthairs

Having round faces and teary eyes, British Shorthairs are often described as “teddy bears”. They are known to be quiet, calm and easy-going who only meow when necessary. Adult British Shorthairs are even more inactive, which increases their risk of obesity. Owners are suggested to consult with vets for tailored diets along their growth. 

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Maine Coons
Originating in Maine, Northeast America, Maine Coons are large, affectionate and gentle. As one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, they are obedient and highly loyal. Maine Coons also have an agelessly playful side; Adult Maine Coons still enjoy finding their own fun, walking around and jumping. To Maine Coons, it’s crucial to have plenty of “fun time”.

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Bengals are best known for their similarity with leopards - same rosetted or spotted patterns and the dark circles around eyes. They are high-spirited, wild and curious who love to jump high and fish around. They will even rummage through the house if they want. So it’s important for them to have sufficient time to burn energy. Besides, Bengals are straightforward and will definitely let you know their anger. When it’s time for breakfast but you are still in bed, they will relentlessly “meow” you up to express their hunger and anger. 

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Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest voices among cats. As their names suggest, Ragdolls are gentle and loving, also as obedient as dolls. Compared to other cat breeds, they are less defensive which makes them easy to bond with their owners. Ragdolls are quiet and people orientated. Always make sure that you give them enough attention even if they don’t ask for it.

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Sphynx have large pointy ears and lemon-shaped eyes which look adorable. Inside, they are lively and naughty. They are full of energy and love to play chase games with their owners. Being outgoing and sociable, they hate being neglected so they will just try their best to create troubles to get attention. When it comes to caring, they need regular brushing to clean the oil on their skin, so as to keep their skin dry and healthy.

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To sum up, we can find that different cat breeds have their own personalities and preferences. And of course, there are different points to note regarding their health and care. Therefore, Royal Canin has launched the Tailored Cat Nutrition Series according to cats’ personalities, features and jaw structures. Through these tailored nutrition, together let’s guard our furry babies’ health and give them the care they need!

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