A healthy weight starts with healthy habits

Precise, veterinarian-recommended nutrition to help support a healthy weight in dogs.   
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Weight management in dogs

1 in every 2 dogs are overweight. If your pet falls into this category, your veterinarian may recommend a diet with high protein and high fibre to help support satiety and healthy weight loss and keep your dog feeling satisfied.

A healthy weight for your pet is important because it can delay the onset of long-term diseases and may even help them live longer. Ensuring your pet is a healthy weight will also keep pet healthcare costs down. If your pet starts losing weight, they can show improved activity levels within 4 weeks. Even better, they may be less anxious, start playing again and enjoy life more

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How to tell if your dog is overweight?

The signs that your pet is above their ideal weight may be subtle – perhaps your pet has become less active or reluctant to exercise, or you may not have noticed your pet’s weight increase over time.

The vets and nurses at your Veterinary Practice are dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy, speak to them about body condition scoring your pet.

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