Ideal stool quality for up to 97% of dogs

Our Digestive Care range is scientifically proven to help up to 97% of dogs to develop optimal stools that are neither too soft nor too hard. This testing was carried out at the Royal Canin kennels in France and with a panel of French dog breeders.

The nutrition behind digestive care

This formula is crafted to be gentle on your dog’s gut, as well as supporting their overall health. Larger dogs are more prone to soft stools while smaller dogs are more likely to be constipated. Our formula accounts for this with an ideal balance of fibres crafted to suit your dog’s size and digestion.

It also contains highly digestible proteins, plus a blend of prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in your dog’s intestines and are important for digestive health. Our smart cooking technique ensures the nutrients in this formula are more easily available for digestion.

Digestive Care - Dry and Wet

Our crunchy kibbles are designed to fit between the teeth of dogs of all sizes, and offer all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet and to support intestinal comfort.
Our wet food range is nutritionally complete and a perfect complement to our dry kibbles. By mixing wet and dry foods you can add variety and texture to your dog’s diet.

Digestive care tips

A few hints and tips to help keep your dog’s gut healthy and prevent stools that are too soft or too hard.

Smaller portions

Feeding your dog too much at once can overload their digestive system. It may be best to divide your dog’s daily ration into two servings to give them chance to digest it properly. And always follow the amounts recommended on the pack.

Feeding routine

Dogs tend to thrive on routine. If you choose the right formula and follow a regular daily feeding schedule, your dog’s body will become used to this.