Joint health EPA/DHA

Helps maintain healthy joints thanks to a high level of EPA/DHA fatty acids.

Instinctively preferred

Formulated to match the optimal Macro Nutritional Profile instinctively preferred by cats.

Renal health

Adapted phosphorus content.

עבודה לקראת עתיד בר-קיימא

‏‎‎‏אנחנו מאמינים שחיות מחמד הופכות את העולם שלנו לטוב יותר, הן מספקות לנו השראה ומטרה לחיינו. התפקיד שלנו לספק עולם טוב יותר לחיות המחמד ™A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.‏‎‎‏

מידע נוסף
לברדור רטריבר בוגר יושב עם בעליו בחוץ

רכיבים: בשר ותוצרים מן החי, דגניים, תמציות חלבון מן הצומח, שמנים ושומנים, תוצרים ממוצא צמחי, מינרלים, סוכרים למיניהם, רכיכות וסרטנאים.
תוספי תזונה מוספים (לק"ג): ויטמין 3D – 300 יחב"ל, 1E (ברזל) – 4 מ"ג, 2E (יוד) – 0.34  מ"ג, 4E (נחושת) – 2.7 מ"ג, 5E (מנגן) – 1.3 מ"ג, 6E (אבץ) – 13 מ"ג.
ערכים תזונתיים:  חלבון 9.5%, שומן 4%, לחות 80%, אפר גולמי 1.2%, סיבים גולמיים 1.1%   אנרגיה מטבולית: 949 קק"ל/ק"ג
משקל החתול (ק"ג)רמת פעילות נמוכה / ללא פעילות-רמת פעילות ממוצעת-רמת פעילות גבוהה-
גרם ליוםפאוצ' ליוםגרם ליוםפאוצ' ליוםגרם ליוםפאוצ' ליום
21051 + 1/41351 + 1/21602
31451 + 3/418022152 + 1/2
417522202 + 1/22653
52052 + 1/225533103 + 3/4
62352 + 3/42903 + 1/23504
726033253 + 3/4390 4 + 1/2
82853 + 1/43604 + 1/44305
93103 + 3/43904 + 1/24705 + 1/2

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חוות דעת של לקוחות

21 נוב 2023

the only food my cat will eat

Thank you. My 14 year old Siamese princess lost some molars due to age and can no longer eat dry cat food. This is the only cat food she will eat. Believe me, I tried every brand and flavor. Please keep making this. Also, she loves the gravy. For these old cats it would be nice if we could buy extra gravy.
07 יול 2023

31 אוק 2019

it's magic

My 16 year old boy just started eating this food about a month ago. His face body and face are fuller, his fur is soft, he's holding his own with the younger cat, and he's now leaping onto the bed. No idea what is in this, but I'm sold.
30 אוק 2019

My senior cat loves it

Great food for seniors my cat loves it. Dietary needs change as cats get older and it has everything my cat needs.
30 אוק 2019


We, the girls and I, really like the aging loaf food. It is a pate style. I like that it meets the nutritional needs of my older cats, and they like the taste. It is unfortunate that it's harder to find in the stores but easy to get online. I'm subscribing and at a great price.
30 אוק 2019

Great features

My cat has been eating this for about 6 months now and she loves it.
25 אוק 2019

My senior cat loves it!

I buy this food regularly for my senior kitty. He has no teeth so the texture is pefect for him to lick his bowl clean!
The Debs
22 אוק 2019

Zack loves his food

My older cat Zack loves his food, he is getting older but you would never know it the way he eats. We love Royal Canin for our kittens as well. They are growing wonderfully and very healthy. Thank you royal Canin for all your wonderful food for our growing bunch of cats
22 אוק 2019

My two 20 yr old cats love this

This senior cat food appears to be very palatable since my cats love it! It's good to find a senior food that they love. There are so few brands that offer senior cat food.
22 אוק 2019

My 14 year old cat loves it! My 7 yr old Ragdoll will eat her food too !