Risk of urinary issues

Does your cat have a risk of urinary issues? Urinary crystals can be found even in the urine of healthy cats. Depending on several factors including pH, urinary crystals can be transformed into stones. Nutrition can be an effective way to help reduce the risk of urinary crystal formation.

Urinary care

What are the key benefits of this targeted nutritional solution? URINARY CARE is a precisely balanced nutritional formula which helps maintain urinary tract health. It maintains a healthy urine concentration by regulating the mineral balance and maintaining a low urinary pH, leading to less concentrated urine. The exclusive formula creates a urinary environment less favourable for the formation of urinary stones.

Proven results / 2x / as effective in supporting lower urinary tract health / in 10 days / ideal mineral balance / low urinary ph

Proven results: the exclusive use of URINARY CARE is effective after 10 days: 2x* reduced risk of urinary stone formation. *Royal Canin internal study, 2014 - Compared to a maintenance diet for felines - Specifically proven for struvite stones.

Encourage your cat to drink more water

Higher daily water intake results in an increased urine volume and dilution which support urinary tract health in cats.

Suitable for a healthy adult cat not under veterinary supervision for urinary issues

Should you have any doubt or any questions about your cat’s urinary health, please consult your veterinarian.

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תוספי תזונה מוספים(לק"ג): ויטמין A – 20500 יחב"ל, ויטמין 3D – 700 יחב"ל, 1E (ברזל) – 40 מ"ג, 2E (יוד) – 4 מ"ג, 4E (נחושת) – 12 מ"ג, 5E (מנגן) – 52 מ"ג, 6E (אבץ) – 109 מ"ג, 8E (סלניום) – 0,07.
ערכים תזונתיים: חלבון 33%, שומן 13%, לחות 5.5%, אפר גולמי 6.6%, סיבים גולמיים 5% אנרגיה מטבולית: 3759 קק"ל\ק"ג
משקל (ק"ג)רמת פעילות נמוכהכוס מדידהרמת פעילות נורמליתכוס מדידהרמת פעילות גבוהה כוס מדידה
227 גרם 2/834 גרם 3/840 גרם 3/8
336 גרם 3/845 גרם 4/854 גרם 5/8
444 גרם 4/855 גרם 5/866 גרם 6/8
552 גרם 4/865 גרם 6/878 גרם 7/8
659 גרם 5/874 גרם 6/888 גרם1
766 גרם 6/882 גרם 7/899 גרם1
872 גרם 6/891 גרם1 109 גרם1 1/8
979 גרם 7/898 גרם1 118 גרם1 2/8
1085 גרם 7/8106 גרם1 1/8127 גרם1 3/8

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Loves RC
02 פבר 2024

This product is close to perfect

I won't feed my cat anything else. It's expensive but would be cheaper than having to pay vet bills later on when your cat needs emergency surgery due to crystals. And this is cheaper than prescription. The only thing is that I need to supplement the product with treats containing Omega-3s or my cat will try to eat plastic. That is the ONLY thing I have noticed. My cat loves the wet food version but I can't afford it unfortunately. But it is also a quality product.
27 ינו 2024

23 ינו 2024

Honey Girl
14 ינו 2024

Effective Formula

This formula is the only named product that keeps my Honey Girl well. I mix it with Royal Canin s Indoor formula for balance diet.
02 ינו 2024

31 דצמ 2023

16 דצמ 2023

10 דצמ 2023

29 נוב 2023

17 נוב 2023

Awesome cat food 😁

My Freddy is extremely picky but thankfully he loves this!