Black and white portrait of a Khao Manee mid-step

close-up of a Khao Manee looking directly at the camera

Black and white portrait of sitting a Khao Manee
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All about Khao Manees

A snowy-white cat is actually fairly common. Many breeds can turn out in white, which is determined by genetics. Persians, Siamese, Turkish Angora can commonly be white (or another tone). The colouration occurs when a cat is born with little or no melanin pigmentation - about 5% of the cat population. What is even more rare? A chocolate brown cat (the rarest), followed by cinnamon, fawn, or lilac!

The very gregarious Khao Manee cat is known to use their voice a good deal. This is an exceedingly sociable cat. They  will want to be with you, get all into what you’re doing, and almost seek a response. Ditto with strangers, whom they’ll easily approach and meow to as well. Being in the middle of things is a great place for the Khao Manee.