Training your kitten

Your kitten learns in two different ways: it starts by imitating its mother’s actions and learning through new experiences and positive reinforcement. While kittens are more independent than puppies, it’s important to train them to adopt the right behaviour from an early age and learn the rules of sharing a home with other people and animals.

How to train your kitten to recognise its name

Teaching your kitten to respond when you call their name is simpler than it sounds. These simple tips should prove useful.

Why does my kitten not use their litter box?

There are a number of reasons why your kitten might not want to use their litter box. Here are some of the most common to watch out for:


It’s important to clean your kitten’s litter box on a daily basis, remove strong odours and add fresh cat litter


The litter box may be too small and your kitten is not comfortable using it


If the litter box is in a noisy or busy place, or too close to food and drinking bowls, your kitten may be anxious about using it

Bad experience

It’s important not to watch or disturb your kitten while they are in the litter box to avoid creating a negative connection

Tailored nutrition for kittens

ROYAL CANIN® kitten nutrition supports growth and development by providing all the nutrients essential to a kitten's needs in the first year of life.