Cat health is fragile and lots of adult cats may experience health sensitivities, be it related to weight, hairballs, or other common conditions. Cats are enigmatic creatures which can make it hard to detect and support their sensitivities. However, proactively caring for any issues your cat may be experiencing is one of the best ways to ensure that they stay in great health.  

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ROYAL CANIN ® Feline Care Nutrition product range

One specific need, one targeted solution

Our FELINE CARE NUTRITION™ range features specially tailored nutritious formulas designed to tackle your cat’s particular sensitivity while supporting their overall health and wellbeing.  

Each dedicated product provides targeted nutrients and is scientifically proven to deliver effective results. 

Appetite Control Care



Sometimes cats keep asking for food as if their main meals were not enough. If food is given every time the cat begs, it may lead to overeating. Some cats’ appetites are difficult to satisfy but our specific blend of fibers helps to reduce feelings of hunger. 

ROYAL CANIN® APPETITE CONTROL CARE diets propose a dry & wet program designed to help satisfy your cat’s appetite and maintain healthy weight. 

Additional tips you can try:


  • Use an automatic feeder to serve small portions of food at certain times. 
  • Use a feeding puzzle to encourage slower eating and mental stimulation.

Weight Care



Slightly overweight cats are at increased risk of serious health issues and are less able to enjoy activities. Promoting healthy eating habits is key, especially if you notice early signs of your cat gaining weight.  

ROYAL CANIN® WEIGHT CARE diets propose a dry & wet program designed to help limit weight gain and maintain healthy weight. 

Additional tips you can try:


  • Count additional treats as part of your cat’s daily meal allowance. 
  • Use a feeding puzzle to encourage slower eating and mental stimulation. 
  • Play with your cat a few times every day.  

Hair & Skin Care 



Does your cat have itchy skin or a dull coat? 

The sheen, density and color of your cat’s coat can reflect your cat’s overall health. The right diet can help to keep your cat’s hair and coat healthy while soothing skin sensitivities. 

ROYAL CANIN® HAIR & SKIN CARE diets propose a dry & wet program designed to support healthy skin and shiny coat condition. 

Additional tips you can try:

  • If your cat has outdoor access, it helps to pick any environmental debris off their coat when they come back inside.  

Urinary Care 



Have your cat’s urinary habits changed?

A change in your cat’s drinking habits or urinary habits (such as peeing outside the litter box or a change in urine’s colour or smell) could be signs that your cat is experiencing urinary discomfort. 

ROYAL CANIN® URINARY CARE diets propose a dry & wet program designed to support a healthy urinary tract.  

Additional tips you can try:


  • Give your cat access to multiple water sources.  
  • Keep your cat’s water bowls away from busy or noisy areas and away from food bowls. 
  • Make sure your cat has easy access to the litter tray and that it is cleaned often. 

Digestive Care 



Is your cat showing signs of digestive discomfort? 

A healthy digestive system is right at the core of your cat’s overall health. When it is working correctly, it digests the food your cat eats and absorbs the vital nutrients your cat’ body needs for energy and essential body functions. 

A change in digestive habits could be a sign that your cat is experiencing digestive problems. 

ROYAL CANIN® DIGESTIVE CARE diets propose a dry & wet program designed to help support healthy digestion. 

Additional tips you can try:

  • Use a feeding puzzle to encourage slower eating and environmental enrichment. 

Hairball Care 



Do you notice your cat having hairballs?

As your cat licks their coat, hundreds of papillae (the little hooks on their tongue) latch on to dead hair, which is then ingested. Ingested hair can sometimes form hairballs in your cat’s stomach, causing them to be sick.

ROYAL CANIN® HAIRBALL CARE diets offer a dry & wet program designed to help reduce hairball formation.

Additional tips you can try:

  • Brushing your cat regularly with a brush or a grooming glove.
  • Making sure your cat always has access to fresh, clean water.

Dental Care 



The benefits of mix feeding

Does your cat have healthy teeth and gums?

After eating, bacteria naturally settle on your cat’s teeth. If they aren’t cleaned, it can lead to a build-up of harmful plaque and tartar that can later result in tooth decay, gum disease and other health problems.

ROYAL CANIN® DENTAL CARE is designed to help reduce plaque and tartar formation and support dental health thanks to the special, mechanical tooth-brushing effect of the kibble.

Additional tips you can try:

  • Cleaning your cat’s teeth at home with special veterinary toothpaste

The benefits of mixed feeding

Mixed feeding is beneficial to cats of every age, size, and sensitivity. 

Our FELINE CARE NUTRITION™ range offers a complete dry and wet program to support their specific sensitivities more effectively. 

Stay curious about your cat's health

Cats are masters at hiding their pain, and while they may act like they can take care of themselves, even the most independent cats need regular veterinary care. At Royal Canin, we’re here to be your go-to guide when it comes your cat’s health, including finding a vet. 

Our journey to carbon neutrality

The products of the ROYAL CANIN® FELINE CARE NUTRITION range are carbon neutral certified and contribute to global climate action.
Carbon neutrality of each product has been certified by SCS Global Services against the internationally recognized PAS 2060 carbon neutrality standard.

To understand and monitor ROYAL CANIN®’s carbon footprint, we have assessed the greenhouse gas emissions of every single product from its design to the moment it is eaten by your cat, and the packaging discarded. Our five main actions to be carbon neutral certified are:

  • Transitioning to renewable energy
  • Formulating carbon optimized recipes
  • Procuring more climate-smart ingredients
  • Optimizing outbound logistics
  • Purchasing removal–based carbon credits

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