Belgian Shepherd Dog

Lightning fast? Certainly, when in motion they are able to suddenly change direction at full speed. Due to their exuberance and desire to guard and protect, they have a clear inclination to move in circles.
Belgian Shepherd adult black and white

About the Belgian Shepherd Dog

The name Belgian Shepherd Dog is used to describe four distinct varieties – the long-haired Groenendael and Tervueren, the short-haired Malinois and the rough-haired Laekenois.

All four are well-balanced, medium-sized animals that blend elegance and power, with lean, strong muscles. They are hardy animals that are used to living outdoors and built to withstand the whims of Belgian weather.

Fuente: Datos y características aportados por la Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Especificidades de la raza

País: Bélgica
Categoría de tamaño: Mediano
Esperanza de vida promedio: 10-12 años
Alerta / Alegre / Protector / Obstinado / Entusiasta / Seguro / Cariñoso / Tranquilo

Hechos clave

Un gran perro guardián
Necesita cuidados moderados
Requiere espacio exterior

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