Exclusive formula - Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids

Exclusive formula - Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids

Healthy skin & coat

The soft, silky, semi-longhaired coat is one of the Ragdoll cat’s nicest features. Contains a combination of specific nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and nourish the coat.

Special ragdoll jaw

This specially designed pyramid-shaped kibble is adapted to the Ragdoll cat’s broad jaw. The unique kibble is easy to grasp and encourages chewing to help support oral hygiene.

Sweet and relaxed

Semi-long, soft and silky coat. Large body, solid round paws. Captivating blue eyes.

Urinary health

Formulated with a balance of minerals to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system.

Cardiac health

Enriched with nutrients such as taurine, EPA and DHA to help maintain healthy cardiac function.

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לברדור רטריבר בוגר יושב עם בעליו בחוץ

רכיבים: חלבון עופות מיובש, תירס, שומן מהחי, אייסולאט של חלבון מהצומח, חיטה, גלוטן תירס, אורז, חלבונים מהחי שעברו הידרוליזה, סיבים צמחיים, קמח חיטה, ציפת עולש (צ'יקורי), מינרלים, שמן דגים, שמן סויה, שמרים וחלקיהם, פרוקטו-אוליגו-סכרידים, זרעי וקליפות פסיליום, שמרים שעברו הידרוליזה (מקור למנו-אוליגו-סכרידים),  שמן זיפן (בוראג'), סרטנאים שעברו הידרוליזה (מקור לגלוקוזמין), תמצית ציפורן חתול (מריגולד, כמקור ללוטאין), סחוס שעבר הידרוליזה (מקור לכונדרויטין), קלינופטילולייט (10 גר'\ק"ג), חומרים משמרים- חומרים נוגדי חימצון.
תוספי תזונה מוספים (לק"ג): ויטמין A – 31000 יחב"ל, ויטמין 3D – 800 יחב"ל, 1E (ברזל) – 40 מ"ג, 2E (יוד) – 4 מ"ג, 4E (נחושת) – 12 מ"ג, 5E (מנגן) – 51 מ"ג, 6E (אבץ) – 154 מ"ג,  8E (סלניום) – 0.08 מ"ג, טאורין: 2.66 גר'.
ערכים תזונתיים:  חלבון 32%, שומן 18%, לחות 5.5%, אפר גולמי 7.6%, סיבים גולמיים 4.1% אנרגיה מטבולית: 3982 קק"ל/ק"ג
משקל החתולצריכת אנרגיה נמוכהצריכת אנרגיה מתונה/פעילה
3-4 ק"ג34-42 גרם (13-20 גרם +1 פאוץ')43-52 גרם (21-31 גרם + 1 פאוץ')
5-6 ק"ג49-56 גרם (27-34 גרם + 1 פאוץ')61-70 גרם (40-48 גרם + 1 פאוץ')
7-8 ק"ג62-68 גרם (41-47 גרם + 1 פאוץ')78-85 גרם (56-64 גרם + 1 פאוץ')

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Maja b
18 מאי 2023

Great good, not a good company

Great food but cannot find anywhere. Very disappointed in RC for stopping production of this food without any notice to its loyal customer. Took my years to find a food my cat would eat. Now I have to find a replacement. They lost me as a customer.
10 דצמ 2022

where can I buy this????

My cat LOVED this food, but now it is impossible to find here in US. I see online bags in kgs, which leads me to believe it is still being made and shipped outside the US. Where and how can I buy this food?? HELP!!! Can any reviewers help me, please?
תגובת Royal Canin
I am sorry to learn that you are having difficulty acquiring this product. Rest assured the product is not discontinued. We have paused many retail diets, such as the one mentioned, to refocus efforts to producing veterinary diets. We do not have an exact estimated in stock date to provide at this time.
06 אוג 2022

Awesome food

I have been giving this to my boy for over 4yrs, he doesn't like wet food and only munches on dry, his preference is RC. He is a very fit and healthy 5.5yr old thanks to this formula. I introduced a Raggie female kitten to him in February, she snubbed the 2nd stage kitten formula dry food and only eats the RC Ragdoll formula dry food, she is a european long hair and her coat is amazingly silky smooth, she looks a million dollars thanks to this.
תגובת Royal Canin
Wonderful to hear you cat is doing well! Thank you for your feedback.
12 ספט 2021

My cat's favorite dry food!!

Been struggling to find a dry food my cat will run for. This was it. My cat is a ragdoll mix and she loves the stuff. I've been looking for it everywhere though and I can't seem to find it in-store or online
08 ספט 2021

older ragdoll thrives on this food!

My older ragdoll cat seems younger than his age (according to the vet) and is very spry ever since I started him on this food. I tried an 'older cat' formula for a while when he turned 13, and he began to seem somewhat arthritic. He ate like a hound dog when I reintroduced the Ragdoll blend and we have been sticking to it since then. However, it's become very difficult to find! I've had to have it shipped from all over the place, and sometimes had to pay twice the going amount for it. What is the story?
10 אוג 2021

My ragdolls LOVE this food!

My ragdolls get a mix of Crave Salmon, Hill’s Science Diet, and this food. This is by far the first one they gravitate to. I can’t seem to find this product available online or in stores. Has it been discontinued?
31 אוק 2019

Just the right size morsels

My ragdolls love this food. They’re picky eaters and really enjoy this food. They come running when they hear the container being opened. They know when I try to switch their food and won’t touch anything else besides Royal Canin.
30 אוק 2019

Best for breed

This is the only dry food my ragdoll gets now. We’ve tried other brands but everything else makes him sick. A little pricier than I would like, but it’s better for him.
30 אוק 2019

Large kibble

My rag doll has eaten this for over 5 years but only nibbles on it now and then. I have used other RC products that my cats have liked.
30 אוק 2019

Fussy Kitty Loves It

My Ragdoll had a lot of vomiting from not chewing his Many brands of previous food. Once I switched him to this food, the vomiting was almost completely eliminated. I have been using it now for about 5 years with great results.