Proven results

Healthy skin - 91 % of owners are satisfied after 2 months* *Royal Canin internal study.

How else can you help your dog?

You can help protect your dog’s skin by keeping his bed and favorite resting places clean. This helps remove dust and dandruff, a breeding ground for itchy parasites. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s health, please contact your veterinarian.

Precise formula

Nutritionally formulated with Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, including GLA, EPA and DHA to help support and nourish his skin. Formulated to care for your dog’s skin and help him maintain a full, healthy coat.

For dogs prone to skin irritation and itching

The dog’s skin respond to dietary, seasonal and environmental irritants. Too much scratching can damage his skin disrupting the protective skin barrier.

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‏‎‎‏אנחנו מאמינים שחיות מחמד הופכות את העולם שלנו לטוב יותר, הן מספקות לנו השראה ומטרה לחיינו. התפקיד שלנו לספק עולם טוב יותר לחיות המחמד ™A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.‏‎‎‏

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רכיבים: חיטה, אייסולאט של חלבון מהצומח, אורז, שומן מהחי, גלוטן תירס, תירס, שיבולת שועל (עם קליפה), מינרלים, חלבונים מהחי שעברו הידרוליזה, שמן סויה, ציפת סלק, שמן דגים, גרעיני פשתן, פרוקטו-אוליגו-סכרידים, שמן זיפן (בוראג'), תמצית ציפורן חתול (מריגולד, כמקור ללוטאין), חומרים משמרים - חומרים נוגדי חימצון.
תוספי תזונה מוספים (לק"ג): ויטמין A – 29500 יחב"ל, ויטמין 3D –800 יחב"ל, 1E (ברזל) – 73 מ"ג, 2E (יוד) – 6,1 מ"ג, 4E (נחושת) – 15 מ"ג, 5E (מנגן) – 75 מ"ג, 6E (אבץ) – 148 מ"ג,  8E (סלניום) – 0,19 מ"ג.
ערכים תזונתיים: חלבון 25%, שומן 17%, לחות 9.5%, אפר גולמי 5.9, סיבים גולמיים 1.6% אנרגיה מטבולית: 3969 קק"ל/ק"ג
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26 ק"ג276 גרם (2+6/8 כוס מדידה)319 גרם (3+1/8 כוס מדידה)363 גרם (3+5/8 כוס מדידה)
32 ק"ג322 גרם (3+2/8 כוס מדידה)373 גרם (3+6/8 כוס מדידה)424 גרם (4+2/8 כוס מדידה)
38 ק"ג366 גרם (3+5/8 כוס מדידה)424 גרם (4+2/8 כוס מדידה)482 גרם (4+6/8 כוס מדידה)
44 ק"ג409 גרם (4 כוס מדידה)473 גרם (4+6/8 כוס מדידה)538 גרם (5+3/8 כוס מדידה)

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11 פבר 2021

Wonderful food!

As a Clumber Spaniel breeder of top show dogs it is important to me to keep my dogs coat in the best condition that I possibly can. I strongly believe that Royal Canin Sensitive Skin has help to contribute greatly to this. I have had all my dogs on this food now for several years and I am extremely pleased with the results. If you feed a good food you do not have to add supplements. So therefore I highly recommend this food!
08 נוב 2019

Worked wonders!

I switched my newly adopted senior dog to this diet after having very itchy, dry and red skin. Within a few weeks the irritation has completely went away and she has stopped itching. As a veterinary student I love knowing that Royal Canin is backed by research and the diets are safe and effective for my pets!
28 אוק 2019


After my dog’s bad skin flares, i decided to try out the sensitive skin diet and it worked miracles! She’s an Am. Staff so she is already prone to bad skin reactions but with this diet, her skin has improved and she no longer scratches her self. I definitely recommend this diet to everyone who asks me how i got to tame my dog’s skin condition. Two thumbs up!
27 אוק 2019

royal canin_ sensitive skin care dry dog food

I bought this a couple months ago and noticed the nice healthy change in my dog's coat
03 אוק 2018

Seeing improvement!

My dogs have been on this food for just over a month... skin & hair coat are already showing improvement! Especially helpful since one of them can not take fatty acid supplements outright since they cause her GI upset!! Great product! They will be on it from now on!!
03 אוק 2018

Excellent quality

My highly allergic dog is doing great! Healthy coat, regular bowel movements, and not gassy!
03 אוק 2018


I have had my Doberman on this for about 3 and 1/2 years now and will not give her anything else it makes her skin teeth and coat beautiful and her stool nice and healthy and she LOVES TO EAT IT !
02 אוק 2018

I’ve been feeding my dog with this food since I adopted her last year. She got some allergy for another food I was giving and then I tried this one and she’s been great since!! She loves it !!!
02 אוק 2018

Such a help to my dogs!

Both of my dogs are prone to skin allergies. I’ve noticed such a change in their skin since switching. It’s been a life saver for them and has cut down on vet visits and costs for me!
07 נוב 2017


I was going to purchase this product for my older, large breed dog. However the ratio from omega 6-omega 3 is a little higher than I would like. How is this supposed to support healthy joint mobility when Omega 6's create an inflammatory response in the body?
תגובת Royal Canin
We formulate our diets to have optimal levels of nutrients including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. The ratio is not as important as the amounts.