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Mini Relax Care

Mini Relax Care

Dry Food For Dog

Complete feed for dogs - for adult and mature small breed dogs (from 1 to 10 kg) - over 10 months old - dogs in a changing environment.

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What is the right portion?

Proven results

+44 % normal behaviour in changing environment* *Royal Canin internal study.

Product claims

This precisely balanced nutritional solution with proven efficacy, is formulated with specific nutrients to help your dog feel relaxed in an intense and changing environment.

Sensitivity description

Changes in your dog’s routine can impact his wellbeing. Situations such as a trip in the car, moving to a new home, or the arrival of a new baby can make a dog nervous. Adapting his nutrition can help him cope with change.

How else can help your dog?

How else can you help your dog cope with an intense and changing environment? Nervousness can occur in unpredictable situations, so it's a good idea to follow routine in everyday life. Try to give your dog enough time to adjust to possible changes. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog's health or behaviour, please contact your veterinarian.


Royal Canin Mini Relax Care Dry Dog Food is tailored nutrition for small dogs that have a change in behavior in unfamiliar, uncomfortable, or changing situations. Whether your nervous dog is upset about thunderstorms, car rides, or a new baby coming home, this calming dog food provides balanced nutrition with soothing nutrients to help keep your dog relaxed and calm. Royal Canin Comfort Care is designed to help dogs adapt to tense situations.