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Health depends on activity

Activity is key to keeping your dog stimulated and at a healthy weight. The amount of exercise varies based on their age, weight and breed.

How much exercise does my dog need?

Whether your dog is still a puppy or is an adult, it’s important to consider how much exercise they need every day. No-one knows your pet better than you do, but if you’re wondering if your dog is getting enough exercise, here are some helpful points for you to consider.

A start point is to consider the breed of your dog; different breeds will have varying energy levels and exercise requirements. Similarly, the amount of activity your dog needs will depend on their age and health. Dogs do slow down with age, and some health conditions can mean it’s uncomfortable or even painful for your dog to exercise as it once did.

You can begin to work out how much exercise your dog needs each day by noticing how your pet behaves when you get home after a walk. Are they calmer? Do they seem content? If so, and if they’re happy when it’s time to pick up the lead and head outdoors, you’ve got it right.