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For online product purchases: Please note - the list of vendors referenced on our website is not exhaustive but only includes those Royal Canin direct clients selling online or offering a drive delivery option, who utilise technical tools to monitor their product stock levels in real-time, such tools being compatible with our website.
The third party websites linked to from our website are neither owned nor published by Royal Canin. We are not responsible for such websites and we do not check, guarantee or endorse their content. We do not monitor, make any representation with respect to or assume any liability for such third party websites. You remain solely responsible for protecting yourself if you visit any of these sites.  When you visit a third party website, the terms and conditions governing the use of that website, as well as its policies regarding personal data processing, will apply to your use of that site. Before starting to use a third-party website or making a purchase from that vendor, we recommend that you read that website's Terms and Conditions for sale and for use, and its Privacy Policy.

When you purchase products online: the list of vendors referenced on our website is not exhaustive but only includes some Royal Canin direct clients selling online, having technical tools allowing them to know their product stock in real time, and which tools are compatible with our website. This list is temporary and will be soon extended.


Regarding online purchases: we rank our client websites according to whether they have the product in stock or not, then in alphabetical order.