Myths about pet food ingredients

Owning a pet is a rewarding experience, but when it comes to deciding what pet food you should buy it is not always easy. Every day we are faced with different information on what is best to feed our pets. The truth about the best food is that it is made from the best ingredients and those ingredients are chosen because they contain the nutrients required to help give our pets the best lives.

Ingredients vs Nutrients

When talking about pet food, it is important to understand the difference between ingredients and nutrients. Ingredients are the raw materials in a diet that are vehicles to deliver nutrients. High quality ingredients such as poultry meal, rice and fish oil are easily digested and their constituent nutrients are absorbed by your cat or dog. Nutrients are absorbed and used by your body. Essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids cannot be made by your pet’s body and must be provided by their diet. ROYAL CANIN® was founded in 1967 by a veterinarian who believed that nutrition should be the first step in creating a healthy cat or dog. That is why our research team spend years researching and testing every ingredient to make sure they provide the most precise and effective nutrition for cats and dogs based on breed, size, age, gender, digestion and various health issues.

Every kernel of corn is full of nutrition

There is some information out there that suggests corn is used as a cheap filler in pet food and that cats and dogs can’t digest it. That is only true when the corn isn’t processed correctly. When corn has been milled properly, it is an excellent source of nutrients that are easily digested and absorbed by your pet. Every kernel is full of nutrition and contains beneficial proteins, fibre and fatty acids. It is rich in gluten, which provides a concentrated source of proteins and it is full of carbohydrate-rich corn starch – an easily digestible source of energy for cats and dogs. Corn is also rich in the amino acids that support skin and bladder health, as well as antioxidants that support general health. It is also a great source of vitamins A, E and the B-Group, as well as zinc and manganese – all of which are essential for healthy skin.

Grains are highly nutritious

Grains are another ingredient that some people think of as indigestible for cats and dogs. Once again, this is only true when they are not properly processed. When the indigestible outer husks have been removed from grains like wheat, rice, rye, oats and millet they are an excellent source of energy and help provide complete, balanced nutrition for your pet. They are an excellent source of magnesium, iron, complex carbohydrates and fibre. They are also rich in protein and essential amino acids, as well as the omega three fatty acids that are essential for the health of cats and dogs. Rice in particular is not only an excellent source of energy, it is the easiest carbohydrate to digest, making it useful for supporting gastrointestinal health.

Wheat gluten is full of protein

Wheat gluten is one of the most digestible sources of protein for cats and dogs. It contains as much as 80% protein and approximately 99% is digested when it is part of their diet. The allergy to gluten known as celiac disease is a genetically transmitted autoimmune disorder in human beings. There are no reported cases in cats and only one breeding line of Irish Setters have been identified as having this genetic defect.

Dehydrated meat meal and by-products are great source of protein

At ROYAL CANIN® we only use meat meal and by-products that have been declared suitable for human consumption. They may sound slightly unappetising but when they are properly processed, they are a great source of protein that help provide a taste that cats and dogs love. We dehydrate the meat to remove excess fat and water, leaving a concentrated source of protein that also includes many of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health of your pet. By using high-quality meat by-products such as hearts, livers and lungs (listed as animal derivatives on our packaging) we not only give your pet an excellent source of nutrition, we also reduce our impact on the environment.

The benefits of antioxidants

Antioxidant preservatives help ensure your pet’s health by stopping the breakdown and spoilage of the ingredients in their food. ROYAL CANIN®’s patented preservative complex helps prevent the growth of potentially dangerous moulds, yeasts and bacteria, as well as stopping fats and oils from becoming rancid. Our combination of natural and approved artificial antioxidant preservatives are all graded for human consumption in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand and include natural antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E, lutein and the amino acid taurine.

Say ‘Yes!’ to only the best pet food ingredients

At ROYAL CANIN®, we say ‘Yes!’ to using corn, grains, wheat gluten and dehydrated meat and by-products to make the best cat food and the best dog food. We do it because years of hard work from our research teams has found that these ingredients – when they are properly processed – are the best source of nutrition for your cat or dog. If you want to know more, check out the product pages of our website or ask your local vet you will find that every ROYAL CANIN® product has been specifically formulated from quality ingredients to give your pet the best nutritional outcomes.

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