Looking to adopt a cat?

Whether you choose to adopt an adult cat or a kitten, it’s a very personal decision that requires careful research and consideration of the type of home you will be able to provide. The advice and information below can help you make the right decision and find the perfect companion.

Preparing for a cat

When you bring your cat or kitten home for the first time, it's a huge change for both of you. You can make the process much easier by making a few simple preparations ahead of the big day.

  • Get all the cat essentials
  • Cat-proof your home and yard
  • Find a local veterinarian
  • Choose a nutritionally complete cat food
  • Make sure everyone in the home is prepared

Feeding your cat

A cat's diet plays a key role in their physical and social development. The right mix of nutrients in their food will help development and lay the foundations for a healthy life.

Bringing home your cat

Bringing home and the first few weeks of owning a cat, although exciting, can be challenging. By having the right tools and knowledge, you can make sure that this first experience with your new arrival is a positive one, for them and for you.

The basics of cat grooming

Ensuring your cat is used to being handled from the beginning will make grooming easier for the rest of their life. Each cat breed has unique grooming needs, and understanding that is key to maintaining your cat's healthy coat.

Cat socialization and play

Socialization should start as early as possible, to avoid any unwanted behaviors. Find out how you can socialize your cat.

Find the right food for your cat

Each formula has been created to deliver nutrition tailored to your cat’s health needs whatever their breed, age or lifestyle.