Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds have a quiet, sociable character, and while they are prone to sleeping for long periods of the day, they also enjoy playing with their owners.
Scottish Fold

About the Scottish fold

Scottish Folds are intelligent, inquisitive and loyal to their family. They are not overly vocal, and when they do speak up, have tiny voices.

This breed gets along well with children and, once properly introduced, other family pets as well.

Source : faits et caractéristiques clés issus du World Cat Congress (WCC)

Particularités de la race

Grooming, training and exercise tips

Pelage: Poil moyen
Catégorie de taille: Moyen
Espérance de vie moyenne: 12-15 ans
Intelligent / Fidèle / Sympathique

Faits essentiels

A besoin de beaucoup de toilettage
Convient à la vie à l’extérieur et à l’intérieur
Patient avec les enfants et les autres animaux

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