Hydrolysed Protein

Hydrolysed protein with low molecular weight to ensure the food is hypoallergenic.

Skin Barrier

Formulated to support the skin’s natural protective barrier for optimal skin health

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3516973 + 1/414933 + 3/412903 + 1/4
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5022175 + 1/41951516854 + 1/4
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21 פבר 2024

Horrible product now after reformulation

My dog has inflammatory bowel disease and has done amazing on this for years. Apparently the formula changed and it has made my dog incredibly sick!!! I will never purchase this again and will be returning this product. Quality is horrible. My mom’s dog just got out of the hospital (over $1800.00) due to this same food making her incredibly sick. My dogs won’t even touch this now. So maddening.
15 פבר 2024

Recipe change

The formula was changed a few months ago and it has become an absolute mess to feed. My dog is now sensitive to this product. I was told that the veterinarians were told about this change but the two practices I checked with had not heard about this change. Switching brands.
13 פבר 2024

Formula not the same

Whatever change they made to this food is terrible. It looks and even smells different. My dog used to love this food and now she doesn't eat it. It's so soft and creamy that it sticks to her doggie plate like creamy peanut butter. Not buying anymore.
12 פבר 2024

New Formula is Terrible

Our dog has an extremely sensitive stomach and was thriving on the HP canned food for over 3 years. We just received a new case with the updated formula and it’s terrible. Our dog wouldn’t eat it at first, and when she does eat it she has terrible gas and loose stools. The customer service representative told us to mix the old formula with the new to get them used to it, but I’m not sure how we can do that because we had no notice of the change and do not have any of the old formula left. And if it’s true that the new formula didn’t change the efficacy of the food, why would we need to slowly transition?? Royal Canin lost my trust and it was extremely negligent for them to change the formula of a prescription diet eaten by dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. We will never order from Royal Canin again and will encourage everyone else to stay away.
Lloyds papa
11 פבר 2024

Bad change in consistency

Along with so many others, I’ve found whatever change they made to this to be terrible. My pug loved this wet food previously and now he can barely eat it because it’s so soft. It’s so expensive that I’m going to need to look for something else. Not worth the money anymore.
11 פבר 2024

Vomiting and lethargy

My dog has been eating this for some time now but I the last few days she has been refusing it. She ate 2 bites today. TWO. And she vomited it. She has not been thriving on this food as she once has. Her fur looks dull and she is lethargic. I have no other options on what to feed my dog due to her major food allergy. I’m so sad think the formula has changed. She just will not eat it.
10 פבר 2024

What Happened?!?

Just like most people here...I noticed the change im consistency about 2 months ago. It used to be something I could cut up in chunks and now it's a sticky mess. My 13 year old dog who has a sensitive tummy has been eating it for years and suddenly he won't touch it. I am bringing him to the vet on Monday to make sure he is okay. Come on Royal Canin really? This food is almost $200 a case. So irresponsible!!!!
08 פבר 2024

Formula change caused serious IBD flare BEWARE

Words cannot describe how disappointed I am with Royal Canin. The formula change with this food caused my dog serious GI upset, bloating, gas and vomiting and led to the worst flare up he has had since being diagnosed with IBD 2 years ago after only 3 days of eating the new formula. The dogs that rely on this food have serious conditions and for Royal Canin not to notify consumers of this change and on top of that to change the ingredients and add fillers that are making dogs with serious GI conditions sick is reprehensible. When I called Royal Canin to report my dogs IBD flare caused by this formula change I was told nothing cold be done and they quite frankly did not care. I would happily pay more if the old formula was brought back. We are now left scrambling for a new food for my poor dog who did not deserve this from a company who couldn't care less. This food is made for dogs with serious health conditions. IBD is life threatening and this formula change has serious consequences! Extremely saddened by this please pay attention to these negative reviews royal canin and fix this!
06 פבר 2024

Disappointed with new recipe

The new formulation for the canned Hydrolyzed Protein is terrible. My Vet prescribed this food for my dog one year ago, and it helped resolve her GI issues. When I opened a can from my recent order, I immediately noticed a difference in the consistency of the product. I double checked the expiration date and saw that it was fine. I wondered if I got a bad batch. I gave a small portion to my dog and by the afternoon, I noticed my dog being more gassy. I looked to see if anyone else had noted changes to the food and read all the terrible reviews. I am extremely disappointed that Royal Canin would change the recipe that clearly worked well and helped so many dogs with GI and skin issues.
04 פבר 2024

Very Disappointed !!

I have two small dogs , my oldest dog developed skin issues about 5 years ago and my vet suggested we treat her and start her on this food .. She got along great !! It was great food , until about 2 months ago when we noticed it was very wet and I couldn’t even get it off the spoon . She had trouble to get it off her dish and isn’t very excited about it at all now sometimes she won’t even eat it . My second dog loves it also so we always made sure we gave her a little for a treat , now she won’t even eat it . Want to change to something else just not sure where to turn yet . I’m very disappointed with the companies decision to change what was a great food for my girls .