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Is your dog pooping more often than normal?

Digestive problems are common in dogs. They pass gas. Their poop becomes difficult to pick up. It is a nuisance for both you and him. Usually, it all boils to their food habits. Your dog needs...

Mini digestive care dog

Royal Digestive Care scores 97% on Optimal Stool Quality

… a nutrition regimen that supports his digestion. Royal Canin’s Digestive Care provides a highly digestible blend of proteins, prebiotics, and flora. It promotes optimal stool quality. The smart cooking technique ensure the nutrients are easily available making it easy on his stomach. Along with nutrition, you’ll need...

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You can do more to help your dog

… to make sure they get plenty of fresh water to drink. You may contain the dog to maintain hygiene. You can remove household items that are toxic for dogs, like chocolates. This will ensure the condition doesn’t worsen. If the dog doesn’t resume normal activities...

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Does the problem still persist?

… it may be pointing at other gastrointestinal issues. Call your vet immediately and set-up a meeting. Their diagnosis will specifically figure out your dog’s problems and their solutions. With your love and attention, he will lead a normal, healthy, and playful life. 

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Digestive care tips

A few hints and tips to help keep your dog’s gut healthy and prevent stools that are too soft or too hard.