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Don't let your love for your pet blind you from noticing early signs of health problems. The smallest changes in their behaviour and appearance is enough to indicate a potential health issue.   

Parson russel terrier adult

Act on it by choosing the right nutrition plan from our

Canine Care Nutrition Range

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A range of advanced nutritional formulas to help reduce minor health and well-being issues.
Packshot of Mini Coat Canine Care Nutrition

Skin and coat care

Feed your dog's skin and coat from the inside. Your dog will look better, and feel great too. 

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Packshot of Mini Dermacomfort Canine Care Nutrition

Sensitive Skin

Care for your dog with high-quality nutrients that help care for your dog's sensitive skin.

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Packshot of Mini Exigent Canine Care Nutrition

Fussy eater

Get your dog eating right with this delicious gourmet recipe that's adored by even the choosiest of dogs.

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Packshot of Maxi Joint Care Canine Care Nutrition

Joint care

Protect your dog's bones and joints with a nutritional formula that will help keep them supple and active.

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Packshot of Maxi Sterilised Canine Care Nutrition


Satisfy your dog's hunger with high-quality nutrients designed to keep them trim and active. 

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Packshot of Maxi Digestive Canine Care Nutrition

Digestive care

Go easy on your dog's gut with this unique nutritional formula that's balanced for intestinal comfort and better absorption. 

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Packshot of Maxi Lightweight Care Canine Care Nutrition

Weight management

Help your dog stay healthy with high-quality nutrients designed to help limit weight gain.

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Packshot of Mini Relax Canine Care Nutrition


Help your dog feel more relaxed with high-quality nutrients calibrated to help them adapt to life's challenges.

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Packshot of Medium Dental Canine Care Nutrition

Dental care

Protect your dog's teeth with advanced kibbles designed to keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

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Packshot of Mini Urinary Canine Care Nutrition

Urinary health

Go easy on your dog's waterworks with high-quality nutrients calibrated for urinary comfort and a healthier urinary tract.

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