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Is your dog finding it difficult to stand?

Everybody wants their dog to lead a healthy, playful, and an active life. However, their size and age may be putting inordinate amount of strain on their joints. If their muscles and joints aren’t strong, it will take a toll on them. Your dog needs...

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Royal Canin’s Joint Care is preferred by 97% pet parents

… a nutrition regimen strengthens its muscles and bones. Royal Canin’s Joint Care provides advanced nutrients like collagen. It supports cartilage that maintains healthy bones and joints. It covers all the basic nutrients your dog needs. In an internal study, this was the choice of 97% pet parents. There’s more you can do to ease your dog’s life.

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You can do more to help your dog

To catch problems early on, play with your dog often to check their ability to run, jump, and move around. When diagnosed with the joint conditions keep the exercises gentle. This will ensure the condition doesn’t worsen. If the dog doesn’t resume normal activities...

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Does the problem still persist?

… it may be pointing at something else. Call your vet immediately and set-up a meeting. Their diagnosis will specifically figure out your dog’s problems. With your love and attention, he will lead a normal, healthy, and playful life.

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The nutrition behind joint care

This smart formula provides advanced nutrients that help to maintain healthy joints for your dog. Collagen, the building block of joints, is just one of the active nutrients that supports cartilage, reinforcing its structure and metabolism. We’ve also added a powerful cellular antioxidant. And we’ve adapted the formula to help prevent your dog becoming overweight, which can strain their joints.
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Joint Care Tips

A few hints and tips to help keep your dog’s joints comfortable.

Greyhound adult walking down a dog friendly ramp out of a car.

Dog-friendly ramps

If your dog’s continually jumping to and from a car boot, sofa or other height it can lead to their joints becoming damaged. To prevent this, use ramps wherever possible so getting up and down is gentler on their joints.