Irresistible dog food for fussy eaters

Satisfy your dog’s fussy appetite with delicious-tasting, complete nutrition he’ll actually eat.

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Tailored nutrition for the choosiest dogs

Offering the right aroma, bite size and texture of food is essential for dogs – especially those with selective appetites. We cook our rich paté inside the pouch to lock in the tempting aroma and
flavour. And our coated kibbles not only have a tasty fatty coating and crunchy texture, they’re filled with a soft paté of flavoursome nutrients. Like all Royal Canin formulas, our Exigent paté and kibbles are nutritionally complete. They contain 100% of the high-quality protein, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals your dog needs for lifelong wellbeing. 

Our Exigent Wet Range

Our wet food range is nutritionally complete and a perfect complement to our dry kibbles. By mixing wet and dry foods you can add variety and texture to your dog’s diet.

Tips for fussy eaters

A few hints and tips to help your dog enjoy its food.

Regular meals

Dogs like to know what to expect and respond really well to routine. If you give your dog their meals at regular times, they’re more likely to be ready to eat and hungry when you feed them.

Golden Retriever adult eating from a silver bowl.

No snacks

When you’re worried your dog’s not eating enough, it’s tempting to let them have snacks. It’s better, though, to train your dog to eat their meals rather than filling up on snacks or treats.

Shetland Sheepdog standing indoors next to a gold bowl.

15-minute feeding

Put your dog’s food bowl down for just 15 minutes. If they don’t eat, take the food away. This will help to train your dog to eat straightaway and without fussing – which is better for them and you.

Welsh Corgi standing on a cream carpet eating from a silver bowl.