Electrolyte balance

Rehydration Support Instant Diet formula has been designed to replace lost fluids and electrolytes in dehydrated dogs and cats. Sodium and chloride contents are approximately equivalent and compensate for losses.

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Complementary feed for cats and dogs.

Preparation for cats and dogs to be used as an oral eletrolyte dring (complementary feed) in order to provide water and electrolyte supplementation. This product contains an appropiate level of eletrolytes such as sodium and easily digestible sugars such as maltodextrin.

Composition: maltodextrin (86%), potassium chloride, sodium chloride (2%).

Additives (per kg): Preservative: Sodium citrate: 3.4%.

Analytical constituents: Protein: 5% - Fat content: 0% - Crude ash: 4.5% - Crude fibres: 0% - Moisture: 4% - Sodium: 1%.

Feeding instruction: Mix 10 ml of the milk powder with 20 ml of low-mineral content bottled water at about 70°C, and serve lukewarm according to the instructions on the enclosed product data sheet. Batch number, factory registration number and best before date: see information on packaging. To be stored in a cool, dry place. Sachets cannot be sold separately.
AnimalVolumesachet (29 g)
2 kg1751/3
4 kg3001/2
5 kg3502/3
10 kg6001
15 kg7501
20 kg9002
25 kg10502
30 kg12002
35 kg13503
40 kg15003
45 kg16503
50 kg18003
55 kg19504
60 kg21004