Kitten Siberian lying down indoors on a white blanket.

Between three to six months, your kitten will be growing and developing strong muscles, bones and social skills. They need an energy-dense food as they have three times the energy requirement of adult cats, but their milk teeth have yet to be replaced by adult teeth so it needs to be easy for them to eat. They’ll be sleeping like an adult cat, for 13 to 16 hours each day.

The final stages of your kitten becoming a cat

After one year, your kitten will have become an adult cat. In this young adult stage they will be playful and fully socialised, healthy with a glossy coat, a strong skeleton and muscles, and excellent hunting reflexes.

Understanding the process by which your kitten develops into an adult cat means you’ll be able to give them the right support they need in their diet, behaviour and home life. If you have any concerns that your kitten isn’t progressing in the right way, consult your vet.

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Tailored nutrition for your kitten

Nutritional formulas that help to build your kitten's natural defences, support healthy growth, and aid in digestive system development.

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