Feline wet range

Extensive selection of feline wet formulas designed around a cat's nutritional needs and instinctive preferences.
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Specially balanced nutrition

Wet formulas are a great compliment

Royal Canin's wet cat food formulas are created with an optimal balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates to support long-term palatability. The moisture and aroma for wet formula brings lots of benefits like promoting hydration, helps support healthy urinary system, and boosting appetite of cats.

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Mix feeding

You get the best of both worlds when you combine them both

Benefits of wet food 
Supports healthy urinary systems
Appetite boosting
Promotes hydration

Benefits of dry food
Easy to feed and store
Helps reduce the formation of dental plaque and tartar

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Mix feeding rules at Royal Canin

The general rule of mixed feeding is to have 1/3 of the daily calorie requirements from the wet food and 2/3 from dry food. Practically, you can give one 1 pack of wet food per day, supplemented with dry kibbles to meet the remaining calorie requirement.
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