Dry Food For Cat

Complete dietetic feed for adult cats.

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This product is a veterinary exclusive formula. Ask your veterinarian to see if it’s the right product for your pet.

Renal support

Formulated with low phosphorus and moderate protein of high quality to support renal function, helping to improve the cat's quality of life.

Adapted energy

Adapted energy content to reduce meal volume and help compensate for a decreased appetite.

Aromatic choice

A specific aromatic profile with a dedicated kibble shape to help stimulate the cat's appetite, particularly in cases of food aversion.

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4A. Each ROYAL CANIN® formula is specifically designed and approved by scientific experts in cat and dog nutrition. The specificities of this formula are:

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4B. Low phosphorus and adapted protein content.

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4C. Enriched with EPA+DHA and antioxidants.

Formula features

4D. Unique aromatic profile and round kibble shape.


2A. An impaired kidney function prevents cats from effectively filtering wastes from the blood.


2B. Cats with kidney issues tend to drink and urinate more often.


2C. Quality of life may be impacted with visible signs, such as food aversion and digestive issues.


PRIMARY INDICATION: - Recommended for Azotemic Chronic Kidney Disease (IRIS Stage 2 to Stage 4) - Chronic Kidney Disease with proteinuria (IRIS Stage 1 to Stage 4)   SECONDAARY INDICATION - Management of calcium oxalate urolith recurrence in cats with impaired renal function - Prevention if recurrence of urolithiasis requiring urine alkalinization: urate & cysteine uroliths

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