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How can incontinent dogs be treated?

Depending on the cause of their incontinence, your dog will be treated in different ways. If it is a muscular issue, your vet may prescribe certain stimulants which induce better control of their urinary muscles. These are efficient in 75% of cases.

If your dog has an underlying urinary issue, your vet may suggest surgery to remove any stones in their system, prescribe antibiotics to treat infection, and help you choose a diet which can maintain good urinary health. The vet may also suggest lifestyle changes, such as encouraging your dog to be more active and therefore reducing the risk of further urinary problems.

If there is a larger medical cause, your vet will look to treat that as a whole, rather than only the incontinence.

If you see your dog’s behaviour around urinating has changed as they’ve aged, there’s no reason to think nothing can be done; make an appointment with your local vet who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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