Puppy routine Newborn - 0 to 1 month

They’re so tiny, fragile, and fascinating at the same time, it’s hard to know how we can be of any assistance to a new litter of puppies. Here are five ways to make sure you’re protecting them without disturbing the bond they have with their mum.

1. Give space to the new family

With their immune system not yet fully developed, your puppies are safer in the paws of their mother. Create a safe and clean space for your new born puppies and their mum. It’s also crucial that you don’t touch them too often. If you suspect something isn’t right, contact your vet.

labrador puppies sucking their mothers milk

2. Let their mum do most of the work

As a rule, it’s always best to let mum take care of her puppies. Yes, mum knows best! If you notice one of them is having trouble finding their way to the milk, guide them slowly, but don’t be pushy as it could stress the mum, breaking the trust between her and the litter.

newborn labrador retriever

3. Give them formula milk if needed

In some cases, the best milk (their mum’s one) can’t be used – this can happen if a puppy is orphaned, or if they lose the suckling reflex. When nature can’t nurture, ROYAL CANIN® BabyDog instant Milk comes into play. Its composition is very close to the milk produced by your puppy’s mum. Always prepare fresh milk and warm it at the mum’s body temperature (around 37.8°C). With their tiny stomach, puppies need small but frequent meals, every 3h is the recommendation — you can follow the recommended portion on the packaging.

babydog milk

4. Weigh the puppies and monitor their growth

When it comes to healthy growth, it’s important to weigh your puppy regularly. To help differentiate the puppies, you can use ribbons of different colours. No guesstimates here! At the same time every day for two weeks, weigh your puppies using a precise scale and keep a record of their weight. It’s the most effective way to make sure the puppies are growing as they should, and your vet can help you know what that means according to their breed.

puppy on a baby scale

5. Don’t forget to deworm them all

Generally, the best time to start the deworming the puppies and their mum is after the second week, as internal parasites can be transferred via breastfeeding. Keep in mind that this time frame and the process differ from one country to another. So, it’s always best to ask your local vet so they can guide you through the process. Better not to take any chances when it comes to your puppies’ health.

young labrador puppies suckling

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