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Royal Canin Celebrates 7,000th Adoption from Missouri Puppies for Parole Program

Since the program’s inception, Royal Canin has served as the nutrition and education sponsor of Puppies for Parole

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ST. CHARLES, MO. (SEPTEMBER 19, 2023) – Royal Canin U.S., a division of Mars, Incorporated and leader in pet health nutrition, announced today that the 7,000th dog has been adopted through the Missouri Puppies for Parole program. The program, currently active in 16 prisons across the state, allows selected offenders the opportunity to become trainers of rescue dogs and earn a certificate in animal handling.

During the ten-week program, offenders teach dogs basic obedience skills and socialize them, with the goal of preparing them for adoption. Once dogs have successfully completed the program, they are placed up for adoption through their original shelters.

“The Missouri Puppies for Parole program is a true testament of Mars Petcare’s purpose of making ‘a better world for pets,” said Daryn Brown, President, Royal Canin North America. “It has been an honor to be a part of this program, and we owe a great deal of thanks to the Missouri offenders who have helped 7,000 dogs find their forever homes.”

The program, which launched in 2010 following a partnership between the Missouri Department of Corrections and a statewide network of rescue organizations and shelters, gained Royal Canin involvement following Royal Canin Associate Michael Newkirk’s idea to send product that was not yet expired but wouldn’t be making it to the supply chain to provide nutrition to the dogs in the program. Puppies for Parole is now considered one of the largest, most successful prison dog programs in the United States. 1

Supported solely by donations and volunteers, the program has achieved adoption rates higher than 95 percent. Most dogs adopted from the program go on to become family pets, while several receive advanced training and find a new purpose as service and comfort animals for children with disabilities or veterans with PTSD.

“We are grateful and proud of Royal Canin’s investment in Puppies for Parole since the program’s start,” said Jennifer Liebi, Puppies for Parole Coordinator. “Their contributions allow us to set our dogs up for nutritional success and support the bonds that form between the dogs, their trainers and eventual adopted homes.”

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