Helps provide safe weight loss and helps prevent weight regain

The exclusive S/O Index promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals

Helps satisfy hunger with a special blend of fibers to help cats feel full and less likely to beg

Reinforces the skin barrier with essential nutrients to support healthy skin in cats with skin sensitivities

This veterinary-exclusive dry cat food is specially formulated to promote safe weight loss in overweight and obese cats who also have known food sensitivities. This complete and balanced diet promotes satiety—meaning it provides a feeling of satisfaction, which helps your cat feel full between meals and be less likely to beg. It is formulated with hydrolyzed proteins, proteins that are broken down to such a small size that they can be eaten and absorbed with a lower risk of triggering signs of a food sensitivity. High natural fiber levels help keep them feeling full, and a complex of nutrients reinforces your cat’s skin barrier to support skin health. Plus, the exclusive S/O Index promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. Remember, exercise like playtime can also help your lovable fat cat achieve a healthy weight. Be sure to consult your veterinarian to know what level of activity is appropriate for your pet.

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Discover our tool that calculates the daily portion for your pet. Fill in your pet's information and you will get their daily feeding recommendation. In case of weight issues, do not hesitate to consult your vet to adapt this portion. Note that this feeding recommendation is more precise than the feeding table, therefore the values may slightly differ.


Hydrolyzed soy protein, brewers rice, powdered cellulose, chicken fat, natural flavors, dried chicory root, calcium sulfate, potassium chloride, psyllium seed husk, fish oil, calcium carbonate, sodium pyrophosphate, monocalcium phosphate, choline chloride, taurine, vitamins [DL-alpha tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), niacin supplement, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), D-calcium pantothenate, biotin, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), vitamin A acetate, vitamin B12 supplement, folic acid], DL-methionine, salt, marigold extract (Tagetes erecta L.), trace minerals [zinc proteinate, zinc oxide, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, sodium selenite, copper proteinate, calcium iodate], magnesium oxide, L-carnitine, rosemary extract, preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid.

Calorie Content

This diet contains 2991 kilocalories of metabolizable energy (ME) per kilogram or 221 kilocalories ME per cup on an as fed basis (calculated).

Nutrient Amount
Crude Protein (min)32.0%
Crude Fat (min)8.6%
Crude Fiber (min)12.5%
Crude Fiber (max)16.5%
Moisture (max)8.0%.
Weight Starting Weight Loss - Cups After 4 Weeks - Cups Maintenancee After Weight Loss - Cups
4.4 lb (2 kg) 3/8 (28 g) 1/4 (22 g) 3/8 (30 g)
5.5 lb (2.5 kg) 1/2 (33 g) 3/8 (26 g) 1/2 (35 g)
6.6 lb (3 kg) 1/2 (37 g) 3/8 (30 g) 1/2 (39 g)
7.7 lb (3.5 kg) 5/8 (42 g) 1/2 (33 g) 5/8 (44 g)
8.8 lb (4 kg) 5/8 (46 g) 1/2 (36 g) 5/8 (48 g)
9.9 lb (4.5 kg) 5/8 (50 g) 1/2 (39 g) 3/4 (53 g)
11 lb (5 kg) 3/4 (54 g) 5/8 (43 g) 3/4 (57 g)
12 lb (5.5 kg) 3/4 (57 g) 5/8 (45 g) 7/8 (61 g)
13 lb (6 kg) 7/8 (61 g) 5/8 (48 g) 7/8 (65 g)
14 lb (6.5 kg) 7/8 (65 g) 5/8 (51 g) 7/8 (68 g)
15 lb (7 kg) 7/8 (68 g) 3/4 (54 g) 1 (72 g)
17 lb (7.5 kg) 1 (72 g) 3/4 (57 g) 1 (76 g)
18 lb (8 kg) 1 (75 g) 3/4 (59 g) 1 (79 g)
19 lb (8.5 kg) 1 (78 g) 7/8 (62 g) 1 1/8 (83 g)
Satiety + Hydrolyzed Protein Dry Cat Food

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Customer reviews

05 Oct 2022

Bring it back please!

This could be the solution to our problems. My vet advised me of it yesterday, only to be incredibly disappointed to come here and see how long it has been out of stock.
Royal Canin response
I am sorry to learn that you are having difficulty acquiring this product. Rest assured the product is not discontinued. We are seeing some intermittent out of stock due to high demand. While our teams are hard at work to have product available as soon as possible, we do not have an estimated restock date to provide at this time.
17 Dec 2021

it works

after realizing the cat suffers from skin allergies the vet recommended this and it surely calms her down her
10 Dec 2021

Great product!! Come back!!!

Loved this food... really sad it's on back order.. When is it coming back?!
20 Jan 2021

Great food - Zero stars for availability

My cat loves this food and feeding this eliminated all his IBD and food sensitivity issues. It is one of the few foods that doesn't contain corn, which is is allergic to. It helped him maintain a good weight and he was extremely happy. Then COVID hit and RC decided to stop producing this food. I had to switch to Hydrolyzed Protein (which he does not enjoy as much) and he is gaining weight. It has been a YEAR now RC, you manage to product a million other types of dry cat food and why neglect this one??? I check at least once a month to see if you have figured out how to make this food again. PLEASE start making it again!
29 Dec 2020

28 Oct 2020

Great idea but NEVER in stock

I love this food for my cat and it really helps her. BUT this food is never in stock and you often times have to go months without it. The last order I was able to get was July 2020. It is almost November. Please don't make these derm friendly foods if you cant keep up with the demand for them.
Mom of a Loud Hungry Cat
23 Sep 2020

Great food, but where did it go?

This food has been amazing for my IBD cat on prednisone. She's always hungry and this diet keeps her IBD in check while also keeping her satisfied. But where did it go? Kitty isn't loving the switch back to HP alone; she's hungry. Please don't say this has been discontinued. It's been months since I've been able to order it.
13 Feb 2020

Great Food

I have a fat cat and a cat with IBD, they both like it! And both are doing well. Please make a wet version and the cost is difficult.
22 Oct 2019

The only food my cat is able to eat

One of my cats has a host of health issues: including bladder crystals, food allergies, and IBS. This is quite literally the only food he is able to eat that does not upset his digestive tract (aka bloody stools). He eats it just fine, and our other cat (who has no health issues) isn't picky about it either. It was a relief to find out that his multiple health concerns could be tackled with one food. My only complaint (and one star docking) is the ungodly cost of $125 per bag, especially since we have to feed it to multiple cats. Also, please make a wet food version!