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Give your puppy the best start to life

Royal Canin has developed a range of dog food formulas to support your puppy's growth and development.
Labrador Retriever puppy sitting in black and white on a white background

Puppy food and nutrition

Our puppy food formulas bridge a critical nutritional gap, providing the most comprehensive solution for the well-being of the mother from gestation through birth and lactation, and the puppy for life. We recognise the need to address the nutritional requirements of pregnant and lactating mother dogs and their weaning puppies, which is why we introduced the first line of Birth and Growth formulations that offer precise nutrition to mothers and puppies from gestation to growth.

Australian Shepherd puppy sitting in black and white looking at a metal bowl

Feeding puppies

A quality puppy food targeting growth should be suited to the type of dog, according to the size of his breed and his age, his sensitivities, or the particular features of his breed. Your puppy should be given up to four meals a day in the weeks following weaning.

The number of meals will vary depending on age, starting with four meals a day, before transitioning to three, and then to two at mid-growth. Always give your puppy food in the same bowl, in the same place to teach good eating habits. It's also very important to transition your puppy slowly when you change your puppy's diet.

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The perfect start to life

Learn how to take care of your puppy's health during those first weeks and months of life.