German Shepherd adult standing in black and white on a white background

Tailored nutrition for large and very large dogs

Large breed dog food (dogs 56 – 99 lb)
Dog food for very large dogs (dogs over 99 lb)
German Shepherd puppy sitting next to a puppy product pack
56 to 99 lb

Large dog nutrition

Large dogs need special nutrition that fits their way of life, including support for a healthy weight and strong joints

ROYAL CANIN® LARGE has been designed for a variety of large dog breeds that weigh between 56 and 100 pounds.

St Bernard adult lying down next to a giant product pack
Over 99 lb

Giant dog nutrition

It is important giant breed dogs are given a diet that supports healthy bone and joint development throughout all life stages because, as extra-large dogs get older, their joints are put under daily stress.

ROYAL CANIN GIANT dog food and puppy food has been specially formulated for a variety of very large dog breeds over 100 pounds. 

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A lifetime of health

Expert advice on how to provide the best care for your dog at every stage of life.