ROYAL CANIN® supporting the power of Pet Refuge

We're proud to be working with Pet Refuge, New Zealand's first and only shelter that provides refuge and care for pets while their owners escape domestic violence.

We are ensuring these pets receive nutritional support until they are reunited with their owners who are escaping family violence.

Pet Refuge is a safe haven for pets, providing much-needed accommodation, veterinary and nutritional support for these pets escaping violence. With New Zealand reportedly having high rates of family violence- grim statistics revealed by Women’s Refuge found 53% of domestic violence victims delay leaving for fear of their pet's safety.

Founder of Pet Refuge, Julie Chapman, was driven to remove the major barrier to pets and their families escaping family violence after becoming aware of this issue. Her experience in creating positive tangible outcomes in the not-for-profit space, along with her passion to mitigate social problems led her to raise awareness about this link between pet abuse and domestic violence.


Living our Purpose

The dedicated team at Pet Refuge provide much needed care and support for pets until they're in safe housing and can be reunited with their owners. As we continue to Live our Purpose, we are honored to be a partner and support these sick pets until they can move into their forever safe homes.

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Help support the vision

"We believe in a New Zealand where pets and their owners don’t have to live with domestic violence. We will make it possible for people with pets to leave the abuse behind and create new beginnings.”  - Pet Refuge

With COVID-19 having a detrimental impact on those facing family violence, Pet Refuge New Zealand has seen an increased need for their services.

For $25 a month you can provide a safe bed for pet fleeing domestic violence. All donations go towards caring these beloved pets.

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