ROYAL CANIN® launches first national recycling program across major New Zealand Pet Retailers

ROYAL CANIN® has partnered with leading pet retailer, Animates, to launch New Zealand’s first recycling programme for pet food packaging in a major retailer.


From today, 52 Animates stores and clinics have installed Royal Canin Recycling stations in stores to recycle all brands of pet food packaging, including ROYAL CANIN® and Eukanuba®.

The majority of pet food packaging is made from a mix of soft plastics and metals that aren’t accepted in kerbside recycling. The retail launch adds to 145 vet clinic locations around New Zealand that currently have TerraCycle recycling hubs.


Since the program launched in 2021, more than 100,000 units of pet food packaging has been recycled through Royal Canin’s recycling programme in Australia and New Zealand.

With every kilogram of packaging recycled, $1 in TerraCycle points will be donated to charities including farming mental health charity Will to Live and Blind Low Vision New Zealand.


ROYAL CANIN® Sustainability Lead for ANZ Dean Richardson, said: “We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Animates to become the first major New Zealand pet retailer to join the Royal Canin Recycling Programme to make it even easier for pet owners to do their bit to help the environment and local charities.


As a pet nutrition company, we are always striving to make a better world for pets, people, and the planet. Taking this a step further, we have committed to making Royal Canin a carbon neutral business by 2025.


Nathalie Moolenschot, General Manager, Marketing for Animates said: “We are proud to partner with ROYAL CANIN® to reduce pet packaging waste in our stores.  We know our customers care deeply about the planet, so making it easier for them to return pet packaging through our stores is a cause we can get behind.”


Elle Perriam, Founder and Managing Director of Will to Live said: ‘Our mission is to educate, support and inspire people’s health and happiness in rural New Zealand Communities. We are proud to be a Royal Canin charity partner, with the added benefit of being a part of an environmentally conscious program.


Gwen Green, General manager of Fundraising at Blind Low Vision NZ, said: ‘Our guide dogs programme supports people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose. Raising funds to train more guide dogs through this recycling program is one of the great ways we partner with Royal Canin.  


Find your nearest Royal Canin TerraCycle Recycling Programme drop-off point.


Find out how to safely deposit your pet packaging at a Royal Canin Recycling Programme drop off point here.


For more details on ROYAL CANIN®’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2025, click here. 


Photo - Animates CEO Neil Cowie in front of the newly installed recycling drop-off points

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