This World Vet Day, Royal Canin is shining a light on the importance of supporting veterinarian wellness, encouraging Aussies to be kind to their pet doctor. 

This April 29th, leading pet health through nutrition company, Royal Canin are encouraging Aussies to say thank you to their veterinarians, calling out the importance of showing care and being supportive to your veterinarian.

The call to action was created in response to a 2022 survey conducted by Royal Canin and vet mental health charity ‘Love Your Pet’, revealing that almost 60 percent of veterinarians have sought professional help for mental health issues, with 70 percent of Australian veterinarians surveyed reporting they have lost a colleague or peer to suicide.


According to research by Animal Medicines Australia, pet numbers have exploded across the country.


An estimated 28.7 million pets are now calling home to around 6.9 million households across Australia. (More than two-thirds of Australian households now own a pet. – Animal Medicines Australia)


 However, the number of veterinarians training and in practice is in decline year on year due to challenging work environments, client demands and compassion fatigue.


 Nearly half of Australians also mistakenly think animal health professionals earn more


$100,000, according to a Royal Canin study. In fact, an entry level veterinarian with up to three years' experience earns an average of $87,810. By comparison, the average doctor's salary in Australia is $176,769.

Royal Canin Scientific Services Veterinarian Dr Corey Regnerus affirms that it’s a labour of love when it comes to caring for animals.


“At Royal Canin, our mission is to create a better world for pets. Quality healthcare is a critical part of this. We need a sustainable industry that supports vets remaining in the industry and attracts aspiring young vets to deliver the care our animals need.”


“Around 20 percent of our Royal Canin staff have a veterinary background. We resonate with the stressors first hand as many of us still work in clinical practice on weekends or after-hours. We care deeply about looking after you and your pets, however wellbeing, burnout and compassion fatigue are very real issues affecting veterinarians across Australia,” adds Dr Regnerus.


“Quality healthcare comes at a cost with highly trained medical staff, diagnostic facilities and equipment. As animal healthcare is not covered by Medicare, this appears disproportionate to many pet owners; however there are growing solutions to support and offset these costs.”


Pet insurance, pet savings accounts and pet wellness plans are all options for Aussie pet owners.


“Certainly, prevention is better than cure. This is very similar to human health. Science-based nutrition can play a role in the health of your pet, as well as regular exercise and keeping all vaccinations current.”


 Royal Canin is again supporting the Your Vet Cares campaign - encouraging pet owners to take the time to say thanks to their vet for all the energy and care they show our pets. To better understand what it's like to be a vet and how to say thanks, take a look at the campaign videos


Our team will also be visiting clinics throughout the week around World Vet Day to personally say thanks for all the dedication and care they show pets.


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Support is available from Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, Butterfly Foundation on 1800 334 673


and Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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