Istrian Wire-Haired Hound

The breed almost disappeared during World War I, but new individuals were registered in the stud book in the course of the 1920’s and it was recognised by the F.C.I.
Istrian Wire-Haired Hound adult black and white

About the Istrian Wire-Haired Hound

Istrian Wire-Haired Hound are specialised in hares and foxes, although they can also be employed as a bloodhound. Physically, they are well suited to the terrain of the Istrian peninsula.

Soft, docile, calm and very close to their owners, these Croatian hounds are made to hunt. The long and bristly coat is snow white, with lemon-orange markings and bushy eyebrows. They have a severe, sombre expression, and strong voices.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Breed specifics

Country: Croatia

Size category: Medium

Avg life expectancy: 11-12 years

Gentle / Even-tempered / Loyal / Obedient

Key facts

  • Loves to hunt
  • Needs little training
  • Requires moderate grooming
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