Puppy routine Weaning - 1 to 2 months

Caring for a weaning puppy is a big responsibility. It can be easier than you think – and it’s always rewarding!

1. Secure your house so they can explore with confidence

Now that your puppy is steadier on their paws, it’s time to secure your space and let them go wild (within reason!) Secure your home and make sure to keep cleaning products, drugs, plants, and other potentially toxic products out of their reach, so they can safely take advantage of this learning and socialisation period. Don’t forget to tie up wires as they can be tempting for puppies who might enjoy chewing on them. 

labrador puppy looking outside

2. Get them the right puppy food mix

Make sure your puppy has everything they need in their diet. It should be complete and balanced, of high quality and adapted to the weaning period.  This is a good time to introduce solid food by serving wet food such as ROYAL CANIN® Starter Mother & Baby Dog soft mousse. At this age, ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Starter is the ideal dry food to accompany the mousse. This duo gives your puppy the benefits of both types of food. Remember to always choose the product that aligns with your dog’s expected adult size, as they all have unique needs. Finally, make sure your puppy always has fresh water accessible. 

starter kibbles and mousse for maxi dogs

3. Follow the vaccination calendar

Take your puppy for their vaccinations on the date advised by your vet. When given at the right time, vaccines help your puppy build their immune system and help protect their still fragile body against infection and disease. At this time, your vet will also be able to provide advice on preventative de-worming and external parasite treatment.  

puppy labrador at the vet

4. Provide adapted chewing toys

Between four to six weeks old (depending on the breed), your puppy's teeth start to grow, and the chewing period starts! Give them adapted toys twice as large as their mouth to prevent the risk of choking. Chewing on toys helps relieve the discomfort of growing teeth while feeding their curiosity and playfulness. It also helps protect your shoes and furniture! 

puppy german shepherd with toy

5. Keep it playful

Weaning is a crucial period for your puppy to develop their social skills so you should make time and play with them. It will make them braver and more confident. What they learn today will lay the foundation for their future behavior, so, the more you can play with them, the better! 

golden retriever puppy playing with a stick

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