The Newfoundland is a gentle giant. Despite their size and incredible strength, they are known for their gentleness and calm nature.

About the Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are sociable, good-natured dogs. They are well suited to coping with extreme conditions, and thanks to their powerful, muscular bodies and great coordination, they can be trained to become valuable water and rescue dogs. In fact, it’s in water that Newfoundlands are really in their element. They are excellent swimmers, thanks to a strong tail that is broad at the base, and acts very much like a rudder.

These dogs come in a variety of colours, including black and white, black and brown.

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Grooming, training and exercise tips

Država: Kanada
Kategorija velikosti: Zelo velik
Povprečna pričakovana življenjska doba: 9-10 (leta)
Ljubeč / Prijazno / Nežen / Miren

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