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Royal Canin’s new Health Management range supports optimal health in cats and dogs

Press release

Royal Canin is launching Health Management, which offers five tailored nutritional ranges designed to support optimal health in cats and dogs: Neutered, Adult, Mature, Dental and Calm.

The launch includes pack size changes, new products and new premium packaging. Health Management is the sixth and final territory to launch from Royal Canin’s Veterinary Health Nutrition range. The Health Management range is positioned to help to satisfy the increase in demand from consumers for proactive care for their pets. Our pets are living longer, so the need for tailored nutrition that addresses specific health issues is rising.

New wet diets

Royal Canin is expanding its range of wet diets with the launch of Neutered Canine Adult wet, Canine Adult wet and Canine Mature Consult wet pouches, as well as the launch of a Feline Mature Consult Balance wet pouch. The introduction of these diets provides a variety of textures, which will help to support a mix-feeding recommendation. With the arrival of the new Canine Mature Consult wet pouches, the current VCN Canine Senior Consult Mature wet tins will be delisted.

New recommendation for neutered cats

Royal Canin delisted Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young female in June 2021. For clients who previously fed their cat with Neutered Young Male and Neutered Young Female the recommendation is to transition to Neutered Satiety Balance. Neutered Satiety Balance has the closest nutritional profile to the previous diets and is specifically formulated to help support the nutritional needs of neutered cats, from six months to seven years. The moderate fat and energy content of this diet helps maintain an optimal bodyweight, whilst a blend of fibres help to support a feeling of fullness.

Giant adult diet delisted

VCN Canine Giant Adult dog was also delisted in June 2021. For those feeding their dog Giant Adult Dog dry, the new recommendation is either Adult Large Dog for entire giant breed dogs at optimal bodyweight or Neutered Adult Large Dog for neutered dogs or those prone to weight gain. Royal Canin recommend assessing the health and nutritional requirements of all dogs currently being fed Giant Adult Dog Dry, to ensure the appropriate product from within their product portfolio is recommended and a suitable transition period is followed.

Dental products now Veterinary Oral Health Council approved

Royal Canin are proud to announce that their Feline Dental Diet and Canine Dental Diet have both been awarded the Veterinary Oral Health Council seals.

To find out more about the Health Management range head to the Vet Practice Portal, speak to a member of the Veterinary pillar team or contact the Nutritional Helpline.

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