Your essential kitten care guide

Like any young pet, that tiny kitten you brought home started life pretty helpless. The first year of their life is their most fragile period, but that stage doesn’t last long. Your kitten will grow rapidly and depend on you to provide them with everything they need to develop into a strong, healthy cat.

Whether you are new to kitten care, need a refresher on the ins and outs of caring for a kitten or are gathering information to adopt a kitten, our kitten care guide covers all that you will need to give your furry companion the best start in life and keep giving them that care throughout all life stages.

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The ABCs of kitten development

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Getting prepared for your kitten

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Kitten feeding to support their nutritional needs

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Caring for your kitten


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1. The ABCs of kitten development

During your kitten’s first year, there will be several growth stages. And there are both physical, behavioural and cognitive changes at each one. When you can recognise the stage your kitten is in, you can confidently support their growth.

Many studies have shown us that when it comes to your cat, good health starts in kittenhood—it sets up a solid foundation for future health.
 Their nutritional needs change as your kitten transforms from a newborn kitten to an adult cat. Knowing what they need for optimal health at each growth stage will help you ensure you are giving your cat everything they need to thrive.

Raising a kitten isn't too difficult but if you’re like the majority of new pet owners (or future pet owners). Perhaps you wonder about your kitten’s development by month, how to train a kitten (yes, it’s possible!), or even wonder how fast your kitten will grow—cheat sheet: it depends on their breed—and when your kitten will be considered an adult cat. Our kitten care guide has all the essential information you need to be assured you’re raising a healthy kitten.

A sense of sight

It takes up to four weeks for a kitten’s sight and connected behaviour (spatial perception) to be fully developed.

Immunity and defence

In their first six months, your kitten’s immature immune system has to protect them from millions of germs.

Tripling their weight

At birth, most kittens weigh around 100 grams. Within a week, they will double that weight and triple it within 21 days.

Healthy bones

In the first year of life, your kitten’s bones will grow and eventually become four times stronger than concrete.

Extraordinary growth

A kitten will grow at the equivalent rate of a 10-year-old adult child in the first six months of life.

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Our Kitten Growth Programme nutritional recommendations

Our products are designed to accompany your kitten’s growth, helping provide meaningful benefits thanks to specifically chosen nutrients for each life stage.

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2. Getting prepared for your kitten

Getting a new kitten is exciting. But without some preparation, those early days of navigating through the unknown can feel chaotic. The good news is it doesn’t have to be!

Your new kitten has lots of growth, development and cuddle sessions ahead of them. Preparing to welcome them includes having a clear idea about the essential things you need for a kitten to help them grow into a healthy adult cat. We have curated all the information necessary for you to raise successfully your kitten to be the contentedly purring companion you envision.

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3. Kitten feeding to support their nutritional needs

Kittens have unique dietary needs as they grow up. It’s perfectly normal to wonder what to feed your kitten and even how to feed your kitten. Deciding which food best meets their changing nutritional needs is less complicated when you know the basics of kitten nutrition. Hint: Kittens have completely different needs than adult cats. Learn about your kitten’s unique feeding and nutritional needs to support a healthy future.

Let’s find the most adapted food!

Answer a few questions about your cat to discover a personalised food recommendation.

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4. Caring for your kitten

Cat mothers do a wonderful job of providing their kittens with the nutrition, immunity, and socialisation they need for a healthy start in life. When you bring your kitten home, they now depend on you for all their needs.

Young kittens have immature immune systems. As the mother cat weans them from nursing to eating solid food, the immunity they enjoy decreases, leaving them potentially vulnerable to kitten diseases and illnesses. A great first step toward your kitten’s healthy future is their first vet visit.

Typical kitten healthcare includes regular health checks, routine kitten vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care—all vital to your kitten’s health. Finding a good veterinarian in your neighbourhood will be an excellent resource for you in your kitten care journey, and a solid source of information and answers to your feline health questions.

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