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ROYAL CANIN ® launch PROactive at the 4th International Dog Health Workshop

ROYAL CANIN ® launch PROactive at the 4th International Dog Health Workshop
Royal Canin believe that their responsibility extends far beyond providing high quality foods to promoting the overall health and well-being of pets through sustainable breeding and responsible pet ownership. They have therefore developed PROactive which helps cat and dog professionals run their daily activities sustainably and responsibly, with the health and well-being of their animals as their main focus.

Royal Canin launched PROactive in the UK at the 4th International Dog Health Workshop, in which the International Partnership for Dogs brings together judges, breeders, veterinarians, scientists and representatives from kennel clubs and animal welfare organisations around the world to enhance dog health, well-being and welfare. Royal Canin’s Laureline Malineau presented PROactive to the audience, explaining the benefits that it can bring to dog and cat professionals and how it can help make a better world for pets.

Suzy Roffey, PRO National Sales Manager at Royal Canin said, “We were delighted to be a sponsor of the 4th International Dog Health Workshop and unveil PROactive for the first time in the UK. The event covered topics close to our hearts and it was a fantastic two days with many interesting discussions. It was also inspiring to see some of the world’s finest researchers and scientists whose work has improved the health and well-being of dogs being recognised and celebrated at the International Canine Health Awards 2019. Hats off to everyone that is working towards making a positive difference for dogs.”

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